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Pedalboard Du Jour

I always love spending some time with Velcro, patch cables, and tones. Here is my pedalboard... until I change it again. I haven't used the MXR Phase 100 in a while, so I'm excited to get some swirly tones from that. The strange looking pedal in the upper left is a delay pedal that Josh Rand from Stone Sour gave to me. I think he might have built it. It has a light in the middle that is so crazy that I had to cover it with tape so it wouldn't distract me. But it's a great sounding pedal. The BOSS delay is set for infinite repeats, which I sometimes use to sample a small chunk of my playing, and loop it as an effect. The blue pedal is an Empress Effects Para EQ. I had to get out my reading glasses to help read the labels for the knobs, but it's nice for eliminating any harsh frequencies. The TC Electronic MojoMojo, MXR Distortion Plus, and MXR Phase 90 are almost always on my pedalboard. And the Foot Bass pedal is being send to a Roland TM-2 Trigger Module to get a bass drum sound. Now it's time to ROCK!

Thank you,