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Rock Pose #138

Here is a photo by the amazing photographer and pickup maker, Larry DiMarzio. I always begin the session with the standard "Stand there with the guitar, lean forward, and look mean" pose. But after 100 of those, I start to search for other things to do in front of the camera. I like this one, but I think what it really needs is a good caption. Some possible captions are:

"Hey, it looks like it might rain! I think I've got an umbrella in my pocket. Let me flip my guitar around, and I'll check..."


"Yes Zeus, I dare to defy you by playing a Bb note! But if you wish this note to cease, you must first strike me down!"


"Argh! I've seen Stevie Ray Vaughan play guitar behind his back, but I can't get anything to work back there!"

Anyway, many thanks to Larry for always making me look good and sound good.

Rock and Roll,