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Rocking the Basement in 1981

I recently did a video interview for MXR pedals...

They asked me to send them some photos from when I was a teenager. This one has always been one of my favorites. I'm 14 years old here, with my band, MISSING LYNX (Mike Scimmy on bass, and Dwayne Davis on drums and lead vocals.) I'm playing an SG copy that someone had found in their closet. My dad and I fixed it up with new pickups and parts and renamed it "MR. GUITAR." The quadbox hanging in the air adds an element of style and danger. And my perm is hoping for a Def Leppard audition. But the thing that I'm most proud of is... the strap length. 

While I was searching through my old photos, I also found this one.

I may look calm here (I was trying to be cool while my parents took a picture of me, which is of course, impossible, when you're 12 years old), but I I was actually very excited because I had just learned to bend a string and do a pull-off like the Jimmy Page "Heartbreaker" solo. I couldn't believe that a Jimmy Page lick was actually coming out of my guitar.

I'm still thrilled every time I play one of those.

Long Live MXR, long straps, and Jimmy Page.

Thank you,