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Set Goals, Streamline Your Practice Time

Hello dear folks,

    It's a great time of year to set some new goals or brush the dust off of some old ones.  Take pen to paper and write down everything you would like to accomplish on the bass this year.  It's bound to be a BIG list!  That's okay.  We're going to tear off bite size chunks to conquer it.   But you need to write it down.  Then pick 2 or 3 items from that main list to focus on first.  That's your first bite-size chunk.  Figure out how much time you can devote to practice per day, per week, whatever works for you.  

  Once you've got that, here are 3 tips to help you make the most of the time you've set aside for practice.

   1)  PLAN AHEAD:  Plan what you expect to do within the time you've allotted for practice.  And then, stick to that plan.  

   2)  WRITE IT DOWN:    Keep a log of what you do every time you practice.  Enter what you did and for how long.  Don't forget to mark down your metronome settings, too.  This can be very helpful as you get faster and faster- it allows you to know where to start the next time and it registers your progress.

   3)  REPEAT:  Don't lose focus...remember, it takes more than just doing something once or twice to REALLY have it under your belt.  So, work hard, reach your goal, then drill it home till it becomes your part of you, and THEN move on!

 And most importantly, remember I'm here to help you reach your goals.  So video me your lists, post them in a forum and I will help you tear them apart and reach them!

   Cheers, Missy