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Stegosaurus - Electric Guitar Pick

I opened my front door today, and found a package waiting for me from Tortex picks. My STEGOSAURUS ELECTRIC GUITAR PICKS had arrived. As you may remember, I received a batch of these a couple weeks ago, and realized that I  had misspelled "STEGOSAURUS" (with an "A" where the "O" should have been.) But Tortex came to my rescue, and printed a new batch with the correct spelling. I did a comparison test, and both the correctly-spelled and the misspelled picks sound great and feel fantastic. And I've become a better speller in the process. If you get a chance to the try the .73mm Tortex TIII pick. I think you'll like the tone, the ease of picking, and the pick scratches. And if you attended G4 and received one of my "STEGASAURUS" guitar picks, then you have a rare collector's item. 

Thank you,


P.S. Next, I have to remember how to spell "Pterodactyl."