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Tazer Battle Winner / Ox Flare Battle Announced

qsu battle ox flare

qsu tazer battle badge

We're happy to announce the winner of the Tazer Battle is a dual win between ManOfTheTreeZ and Beha! They each have a special prize being shipped his way and our congrats go out to them! Their winning videos are now linked to the official lesson page so be sure to check them out in the Level 3 Area of the Lessons.

The next battle is on a skratch that Q learned on his recent trip to Germany. It's called the Ox Flare and you can see Q break it down in the latest Welcome video. Basically, it starts with an OG Flare and ends with two Tears coming back. It's a good one to try out different speeds and rhythms, so do some experiments to find your own unique flow. Q also recorded an official lesson for this and put it up in Level 4 so be sure to check it out:

Lessons --> Level 4 --> Ox Flare

The winner of this battle will receive a Special Limited Edition Gold Beedle Record and also have their video featured on the official lesson page until the end of time. The Deadline to submit your 1 minute entry video is Monday, September 8th. Good luck!