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Thud Rumble and Intel Edison are Reinventing the Turntable

“The modern DJ setup has always required a laptop, and it’s a barrier for the DJ to engage with their instrument - and that’s the first thing we want to eliminate… Our goal right now is to reinvent the turntable. It’s endless what can be done if technology can lift an art form up.” - Yogafrog, Thud Rumble

DJ Qbert is working with Thud Rumble and the Intel Edison team to develop a better turntable for DJs to skratch with. They are building a new design which will eliminate the need to connect a laptop to a mixer in order to run Digital Vinyl Systems like Serato and TraktorThis would be a gamecharger for the DJ industry since currently most everyone uses a laptop to run digital music files through traditional turntables. The final products have yet to be seen, and we are far from seeing anything ready at the consumer level. This is just the beginnings of a very exciting development stage, and we've only just begun to see a taste of what's possible with this new technology.

In other news, Qbert is working with D-Styles and Shortkut on a full length album! Invisibl Skratch Piklz fans have been waiting 20 years for something like this - click here to read more. The plan is to perform the album at the Red Bull Thre3style World Finals in Tokyo on September 20!


Study skratching online with DJ Qbert at

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