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What's That Sound, Charlie Brown?

Linus, Lucy, Charlie, Snoopy- gather round! ArtistWorks Jazz Piano instructor, George Whitty, has a seasonal tune that'll be music to your cartoon ears. 

George is getting his ArtistWorks school into the holiday spirit by teaching a familiar beat: The Charlie Brown Theme Song.

George's students can take advantage of this new lesson by clicking the image below, and jumping in.

George shares a bit of background about this household tune. George talks about famed grammy award winning composer Vice Guaraldi, the creator of Charlie Brown Christmas' score. He explors the jazz influences in Guaraldi's work, adding layers and dimension to the lesson. 

Don't forget to take advantage of some new features on ArtistWorks lessons. Look to the bottom right of the lesson for the "time" icon. Use this feature to slow down and speed up lessons, allowing you to follow each note and movement in the piece. 

Once you're ready, submit a Video Exchange to George. We can't wait to hear you play!

Not yet a member of George Whitty's Jazz Piano school? Click here to access lessons. 

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