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Why I Created ArtistWorks

learning guitar

Reflecting on this childhood experience, this was a regrettable missed opportunity. I can't help but wonder if things would have been different if Duane had actually been a great player and effective teacher. Note: non-productive music training was a common experience for kids of my generation, and to some extent it is still true today. Though there are exceptions, thousands of kids across America have impulses to learn a musical instrument totally extinguished by bored "professional" teachers at the back of local music stores.  

I don't mean to be too critical. There is good information in the mid-60's edition of Alfred's Basic Guitar Method and other similar traditional music method books. The authors of these books are competent intermediate and advanced players following their publisher's tried and true guidelines. Their formulaic music method books provide a semblance of foundational music education. It was (and is) big business. 

As for music teachers, there are many great teachers working tirelessly in music stores and home studios everywhere, able to inspire their students to strive to great musical heights.  

But let's be honest: the basic conundrum is that really great players rarely teach beginners.  And they rarely write method books. They are just too busy playing and performing. Music education for the rest of us, therefore, is left to the less-than-great, and a fierce cycle of mediocre music instruction perpetuates. The result is that generation after generation of children are deprived of one of life's great joys: Making Your Own Music.

I, along with the rest of the team at ArtistWorks, are determined to break this fierce cycle of music education mediocrity. 

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