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Winner of the Slice Battle / Next up: Joe Cooley Battle

The Battle was fought long and hard, but a winner there must be. And so it was bestowed unto DJ Hypnotize, who most impressed Q with his unique slice variations. One of the original Honor Roll Students of QSU, this marks the HZA’s third battle win (he also won the Tear Battle and the Combo Battle). So congrats to DJ Hypnotize, he'll be getting a Gold Beedle Record in the mail from Qbert and his video is now linked up with the official Slice Lesson here for students to study forever. He also uploaded his winning entry to YouTube so check it out if you're not a member and reading this. Honorable mentions go out to ADA (me) and POTB (aka Pekoe), who also placed high in the Slice Battle.  

Next Up: The Joe Cooley Battle

***Deadline to submit is Monday, April 14th***

dj joe cooley

A popular skratch technique innovated in the 80s by DJ Joe Cooey as well as other pioneer DJs like Tony G, Cash Money and Howie Tee, this old school skratch still sounds great and is a lot of fun to do. Q wants to see the majority of your video to be Joe Cooleys, and extra points if you can do it in reverse.
If you have not learned Chirps and Swirls yet you will have some trouble with this, but the good news is that these are not too hard once you put in bit of practice with them. The key to this skratch is connecting the Chirps with the Swirls (which are just the common "2 Forward 1 Back" Tear combo done fast), and also incorportating elements of swing, syncopation, and your own unique style. If you pull all that off, you're chances are strong to be the Joe Cooley Skratch Champion Winner! 

The deadline to submit for the Joe Cooley Battle is April 14th, and please limit your entires to 1 minute. As Q says in latest Welcome Message "I can tell how good you are in 10 seconds," so be sure to make each one count! 

Joe Cooley Megamix to inspire some ideas: