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Americana Guitar

Taught by legendary guitarists Chris Eldridge, Guthrie Trapp, & Keith Wyatt, this course provides a series of video lessons teaching essential guitar styles that make up the Americana genre: bluegrass, Nashville country, & blues. In addition to essential performance methods in each style, students will learn classic tunes and have access to play-along backing tracks, tablature, and more.

Bluegrass, country, blues guitar lessonsTab + notation

5+ hours of video contentStudio-quality backing tracks

Americana Guitar Bundle

Americana Guitar Bundle

Bluegrass Guitar with Chris Eldridge

Bass Runs - Key of C Major
3/4 Waltz Time
"The Storms Are on the Ocean" - Key of C Major (3/4 Waltz Time)
Alternate Picking Exercises
"Redwing" - Key of G Major - Using Alternate Picking
"Home on the Range" - Open Chord Melody
Using a Capo
"Arkansas Traveler" - Key of D Major (Capo 2nd Fret)

Nashville Country Guitar with Guthrie Trapp

Luther Perkins Style
Luther Perkins Exercises
Outlining Chord Changes: The 1-3-5 Method
Outlining Chord Changes: The 1-3-5 Method - Mapping 1-3-6m-1-4-5
Ballads & Waltz Time: Introduction
Ballads: “Silver Wings”
Waltz Time: “Kentucky Waltz”
Using Bass Notes In Rhythm Playing

Blues Guitar with Keith Wyatt

Blues Changes
12 Bar Blues Progression
The Shuffle
Turnarounds and Endings
12 Bar Variations
Blue Notes
Walking Bass
Expanding the Boogie

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What's In This Plan:

  • Curated library of deep-dive lessons
  • Includes tablature and backing tracks
  • Guidance from three master musicians