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Across the Pond

Again, Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  I'm just writing to say that I'm leaving this evening for a week long trip to Belgium and France.  The day after I return I'll be gigging in Ft. Lauderdale at a convention for a couple of days.  All of this is to say, that I'll be in touch from the road, for sure, but I won't be able to respond to any video exchanges for a week and a half from now.  I don't want to suggest that you not send me any between now and then.  If you feel like it will help you to move forward by filming something and sending it to me, please absolutely do.  If it's of less importance to you, I'd appreciate it if you'd hold off til I get back.  I was hoping to get caught with all the VEs before I left, but it just wasn't possible.  I'll dig in to the wonderful treasure trove of your submissions as soon as I return, so I thank you in advance for your patience, and I'll be in touch a great deal from the road. 
In case you're in the area, I'm playing tomorrow night in Brussels at a folk club:


11. rue de Cortenbach

1130 Haren - Brussels

and next Friday, February 20th, I'll be on the outskirts of Paris at:

MJC Ris-Orangis

10, Place Jacques Brel

Ris Orangis, France

Thanks again folks!