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Coed Magazine Raves About ArtistWorks' Online Music Lessons

online music lessonsThe SF Music Tech Summit brings together visionaries in the world of music and technology with journalists and investors.  ArtistWorks Director of Global Business Development, James Taylor, attended last February’s Summit and had a chance to meet with author and journalist Harmon Leon, who writes for the Huffington Post and Coed Magazine (among others).

Leon is a musician himself, and he was quite impressed with the music education technology we use and the range of online music lessons we offer, which includes his main instrument – double bass. 

Leon soon began taking online bass lessons at the School of Bass with Missy Raines, which he calls “a tru[ly] interactive musical learning experience for a mere $20 a month”.

“ArtistWorks is something I could firmly sink my bow rosin into.” says Leon. “For years, I took conventional music lesson[s] – taught by a live him; inside a music room. Nothing wrong with that, except I play standup bass – the largest instrument known to humanity. Lugging that puppy around was a major pain. Also, I had a big problem with slotting my weekly class into my rough-and-tumble schedule. I’ve been regretting not jumping back into music lessons – but as a mover-and-a-shaker I just don’t have the time. ArtistWorks allows me to master the walking bass from the comforts of the Internet – on my own schedule."

Read the full article at Coed Magazine.

online music lessons

ArtistWorks' James Taylor speaking at the SF Music Tech Summit

Hermione Way interviews Summit attendees about the major problems facing the music industry. Be sure to watch the Fox News interview with ArtistWorks drum teacher Thomas Lang about how the internet is changing music education online.