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Current Events

Just got back from the Sore Fingers bluegrass camp near Chipping Norton, England and had a wonderful time hanging out and picking with the wonderful students (including Chris (caggs) and Erwin and instructors (Bruce Molsky, David Grier, Mike Compton, our very own Missy Raines, etc.).

In other news, and putting on the dad hat for a moment, my son Sean has commenced a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for his first cd.  He’s about 5/8 of the way to his goal of $8000, with a little under two weeks left to raise the remaining funds.   Anything you folks willing to do in terms of sharing or contributing would be greatly appreciated.  Contributions are anonymous to everyone but the project creator.  You can give as little as $10, or as much as……well, the sky’s the limit.  And again, truly, just sharing this through cyberspace or human word-of-mouth is super helpful. Sean put together a fourish-minute video for your viewing pleasure.