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Darol's Summer blog

Hello folks!
This has been a sad year for great musicians leaving us… but if you are reading this, you are still here, and we're glad to have you!
I've had a quite intense summer, which officially began in June with the Berklee Global String Fling,

and a great concert right here in Cambridge, MA with the incredible Bruce Molsky.

Check out our two interviews and Bruce's guest lesson here on the site, under +Music. The next week we went to Rutherford Park for a Mr. Sun outdoor show in Fairfax, Virginia on July 8, and then a trip to Florida for my fellow Artistworks Professor Mike Block's String Camp!

On to Grey Fox,

Wagons ho for a gracefully routed trip from Orlando, FL to Fairbanks, AK with that essential stop near Albany, NY, for the lovely Grey Fox Fester.. Emy and Darol premiered their group The Rockin' Furies in Alaska, from Fairbanks to many of the great little towns scattered through the state, including Delta Junction and Cantwell, where we made a nice connection with Tonglen Lake Lodge owner Donna, and received generous offers of air toboggan transport to regions where we were able to stare for long periods at the Northern Hemisphere's highest peak, Denali.  We also ingested enormous quantities of wild Alaskan  Blueberries and Wild Alaskan coffee, courtesy of the amazing Kris Capps, Alkeshnika Air, and Mile 229 up on Parks Road. Thanks to the fabulous folks at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival for making it all happen!
A wild flight from Fairbanks to Seattle brought us close to my 5 hour overnight layover in Portland, Oregon; a cancelled connection necessitated a 4 hour drive from Seattle to Portland that same night, reducing my layover/liedown time to 20 minutes. Arrived at Rockygrass only slightly bleary, courtesy of Richard Jefferson's shuttle-with-a-smile service. Ah, Rockygrass, where the party never stops! what a great succession of musicians! and lots of friends, especially my Artistworks Teacher colleagues! we had a special Bluegrass set featuring everybody: Yrs Trly, Andy, Mike, Tony, Mike, Michael, Bryan, Missy… did I miss anyone? A BIG band. I'll let you sort out the last names, they are listed on the website at Here we are!

At the fester, I was also able to video-interview a couple of great fiddlers for my school at RG too: the phenomenal young Alex Hargreaves and the excellent Enion Pelta, of Taarka. One night of all-night jamming was all this old dude could handle, but I was able to trade licks with some of my favorite folks (besides my fellow AW profs):  Bela Fleck, Grant Gordy, David Grier, Wes Corbett,Ethan Jodziewicz, Rayna Gellert, Abigail Washburn, KC Groves, Dominick Leslie, Dave Tiller, Matt Arcara, Kristin ----- Jack Devereux, Sean Trischka, Mike Barnett, John Mailander, Sam Bush's incredible band, Mark O'Connor, and the mighty Thor on Icelandic harmonica!
Sadly bidding farewell to Lyons, we pressed on…on…on to Bluegrass Week at Augusta, in bucolic Elkins, West Virginia, home of so much of this great American String music we love. I taught and performing all week.

 and Strings Without Boundaries in Seattle… the list goes on and on. For all the information on where I'll be this fall, check out my Calendar at