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Guitar Crazy!... What's your favorite guitar?

We guitarists are all crazy about our guitars, and most of us have at least one favorite in our collection.

Here's my favorite.... it's a WG Barker built by Bill Barker in Toledo, Ohio in 1964, and here's the story....

It was built originally for Howard Roberts, but by the time it was finished Howard had struck up an endorsement deal with Gibson and the Howard Roberts model.

Bill decided to give the guitar to his friend Johnny Gray, who was a studio guitarist in Los Angeles.

Johnny had admired a Barker guitar that Bill had built for Mary Osborne, so was happy to have a Barker all of his own.

Johnny used the guitar on many studio sessions for TV including the original Batman TV series and a couple of the Elvis Presley 'Beach Movies'.

A guitarist from Sydney, Australia was visiting LA and bought the guitar and took it back to Australia.

A couple of years later, my guitar mentor, Ike Isaacs was touring Australia with Stephane Grappelli and bought the guitar.

Ike played the guitar on many studio sessions in London, including his album 'Ike Isaacs Plays Michel Legrand' and features on the front cover.

Ike then gave the guitar to me on my 21st birthday in 1977 and I've had it ever since.

It's one guitar that I would never part with, and is a real treasure.