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Jazz Guitar Lessons with Chuck Loeb Now Available!

The Online Jazz Guitar School with Chuck Loeb is NOW OPEN! We asked Chuck how he's feeling about his new adventure teaching jazz guitar with ArtistWorks and he had a lot to say:

"I am super excited about the launch of my Jazz Guitar School with ArtistWorks. It is the perfect time and the perfect format for me to finally be able to share my love and experiences playing jazz guitar. I am looking forward to the surprises I will get from the students. As I've said [in other interviews], the ArtistWorks format with the online curriculum and Video Exchanges is just the format I was looking for - and it obviously works, based on all the wonderful teachers that have been doing it before me: John Patitucci, Martin Taylor, Nathan East, Howard Levy [to name a few]! It is just the right situation and model for me. 

What has surprised me the most has been how everything fits together. The team up in Napa and the way they put the whole thing together was amazing.... a LOT of work, but very effective. I tell folks that this format really makes the learning experience streamlined and extremely thorough, while at the same time very personal vis a vis the Video Exchange model. The students can communicate and play directly with me, and I can respond in kind and then those exchanges become a big part of growing the curriculum for all the other students to share. I also try and make it fun.

Another big plus is that the lessons are "bite sized" 5 to 10 minutes each - so the student doesn't have to trudge through a 60 or 90 minute video to find exactly what they are interested in.

Plus the advent of all the study materials on the site: charts, tab, play-a-long tracks with a killer band, live performances & forums... it's just full of great stuff! I always say that it is a journey to jazz guitar that we as students and teacher are on together - and I want to make it not only an adventure, but a fun adventure. And now we are finally on our way!" - Chuck Loeb


Sample Jazz Guitar Lessons

jazz guitar lessons with chuck loeb

"There's a lot of enthusiasm and energy around here for this launch. As a guitarist and musician myself, I can tell [Chuck] has one of the most thorough approaches to an instrument and to teaching that I've ever seen. He breaks it down so thoroughly that there's no questions left unanswered. As deep as you want to go with learning jazz guitar, he can take you. He takes some very intimidating subjects and makes them approachable.

The site as a whole is not just educational - it's an all encompassing online jazz guitar community on there supporting and encouraging each other. You can tell how inspired they are by the videos they're submitting to Chuck and by the advice Chuck is responding to them with. I'm excited to watch his school grow." - John Graves, ArtistWorks Launch Manager

"This is a great time for aspiring jazz guitarists around the world.  The ArtistWorks Online Jazz Guitar School with Chuck Loeb brings guitar students up-close to a living master who will guide them to mastery of jazz guitar improvisation." - David Butler, ArtistWorks Co-Founder/CEO

Find out more about online jazz guitar lessons with Chuck Loeb by watching the promo video and be sure to fill out the form to check out the free sample lessons.