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Jazzy Jeff, Z-Trip, A-Trak, Justin BUA & Cut Chemist talk about DJ Qbert

"He is so far advanced, so far ahead of everyone else, he's like Yoda, like the guru." - DJ Jazzy Jeff

"Within DJing, turntablism and skratching is the most technical aspect of the craft, and it's also I would say the most musical. It's the part of DJing that's like playing a musical instrument. And in that world, the sort of Yoda figure, like the pure skratch guy that's on top of Mount Olympus, that's DJ Qbert in a sense.

There's so much of an image of what DJing is nowadays, but so much of what's out there is not the world of Qbert. And what Qbert does is so great. I think music fans out there, people who do and don't know Qbert, should definately keep an eye out for this project because it's gonna sound like nothing else out there. It's about time we get a reminder of how cool skratching can sound when it's really taken to the extreme and treated as a production tool and instrument." - A-Trak

"If you look at the roundtable of Jedis… he's like the Yoda of the skratching Jedi realm. When it comes to skratching and the art of skratching, he to me is the one who's pushed it the furthest. He's taken skratching and pushed it further than any single DJ when it comes to skratching.


Watch Qbert's Free DJ Lessons

Every real DJ that I know that skratches and messes with vinyl has his records. That's something to think about: every DJ, that skratches, has the records he made. That's awesome, that's revolutionary." - Z-Trip

"DJ Qbert is one of the most important notable DJs of our time. He has done so much for this movement. As an artist, I look at what he does with the turntable as an art. He's really the best, he's a gift. I'm so looking forward to what he's going to bring to the table, pun intended!" - Justin BUA

"The best skratching DJ on the planet, undisputed." - Cut Chemist

Visit the Thud Rumble Kickstarter campaign for more info about Qbert's new album Extraterrestria and check out the pre-ordering options and special rewards available. Fill out the form to check out some free lessons from Qbert Skratch University!

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