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Mandolin Tuning Tips with Mike Marshall

Mandolin Tuning Tips with Mike Marshall

Mandolin master, Mike Marshall, has been quoted to say that, “If you play the mandolin for 30 years, you end up tuning it for 15 years and you play it out of tune for 15 years.” It’s true, it takes patience and skill to tune a mandolin and to get it just right.

The difference between a mandolin and most fretted instruments is that there are two strings for every note. It’s tuned exactly the same way as the violin, but is arguably more difficult to tune because of all of the pairs. There are several ways to go about tuning your mandolin, and in this video Mike touches on some simple tricks and tips when it comes to tuning your mandolin. He delves into the pros and cons of using an electric tuner, how you should always check your octaves (is your low A reading with your open A, the fretted E note against the open E, etc.), and why you shouldn’t default to trusting your eyes but to get your ear involved when tuning your instrument.


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