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Mike Block & Guest Perform "Scandalous"

ArtistWorks Cello instructor, Mike Block, invites acclaimed Fiddle player, Hanneke Cassel, to ArtistWorks for an original performance. 

Though Cassel is best known for her renditions of traiditonal Scottish sounds, she is also a deeply talented composer of sound. In Scandelous, Block joins her on the Cello, resulting in a beautiful and entrancing melody. Enjoy this performance in Mike Block's school now!

In a second portion, Block and Cassel discuss the process of tune writing- pulling from a variety of influences throughout history and around the world. Composition and creativity are crucial skills to engage in the process of studying music, allow you to take your learning and build something all your own. 

Cassel says that you should let go, "noodle around", and allow tunes to flow out! Cassel sometimes builds tunes vocally before translating the sound to her Fiddle. Cassel says "Scandelous" was inspired by Scottish fiddle music, and popular groups like Coldplay and U2. She encourages all musicians to draw inspirations beyond genres, reaching into other instruments, and even popular songs, to build something unique and new. Watch Mike Block and Hanneke Cassel's discussion here!

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