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Mr Cerdan's Aquaman Tutorial at Skratch Lounge

Mr Cerdan (2013 Qbert Skratch University Valedictorian), recently gave a workshop at Skratch Lounge Seattle on the Aquaman scratch. He does a great job of breaking down this important technique and also answers questions from people in the audience. 

The good folks at Battle Ave made a great point when sharing this video from their page:

"We're starting to see more 'scratch' events open up the floor by teaching tutorials/workshops prior to letting the cutters go at it. I'm sure we can all agree at some degree, people are intimidated to step up to the fader knobs in fear that they can't hit certain clicks, cuts, etc..

By hosting workshops and tutorials prior to an ALL OUT scratch event, it's encouraging for the crowd to partake on a level that they can be comfortable at. Not everyone is a scratch nerd, but I'm sure someone in that crowd could eventually be the next DJ Qbert or in this case, Mr. Cerdan." - Battle Ave 

I like this idea of giving workshops at these event a lot, because there seems to be a disconnect between those those that want to learn and those that already know. There's no shortage of high level skratchers, but I'd love to see more less experienced skratchers or even complete beginners at these events getting more involved. I know from personal experience how intimidating it can be to step up at a skratch event when everyone else seems miles beyond your own abilities (at a recent Skratch Fight event in Daly City I was the guy skratching right before Kurteek!). Even still, I always walk away from those sessions feeling inspired and motivated to practice more. 

Mr Cerdan does a great job to remind us that having incredible skratch flow is not something we are born with, but rather something we acquire by practicing some very specific techniques until we have mastered them. When broken down into pieces, each individual skratch becomes be attainable though practice and repetition. So don't forget to actually go through the lessons during your time at Qbert Skratch University, they are not just a good idea - they are the key to unlocking the doors of mastery.

mr cerdan skratch lounge