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New Feature: Quiz Your Knowledge

Good News: We just launched a new feature around here, Quizzes! These are going to test your knowledge about what's in the lessons, so if you've been spending a lot of time in the Learn channel you already have a huge advantage. You'll find multiple choice, True/False, questions with images and some audio questions too.

There are two ways to access the self-assessment Quizzes:

1. From the lesson lists for each section in the Learn channel, if there's a Quiz you'll see it appear at the bottom of the list. Intermediate Ukulele, as an example.


2. In the Learn area there's a new button for "Quizzes" on the Lessons & Video Exchanges menu page. Click this to drop down the "Quiz Progress Board"

Our goal with these optional quizzes is to help you self-assess your music and playing knowledge. You'll get a very cool badge for successfully completing each section, so best of luck!