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Watch Your Playing Blossom (Get 30% Off Now)


Spring is a glorious time for cultivating change and the cycle of new beginnings. This season, we encourage you to grow as a musician and take your playing to the next level. Starting now through April 3, 2019, we are offering 30% off of any 6 or 12 month membership to the ArtistWorks school of your choice by using promo code GROWTH30 at checkout. Redeem the code by clicking HERE!



Curious to know how our patented platform can help you hone and develop your skills as a musician? To begin, we have a rich repertoire compiled of over 30 instruments and genres to choose from along with hundreds of detailed lessons to help improve your playing. Our hand-selected instructors paired with our industry-unique Video Exchange Learning® technology, work in tandem to assist musicians of all skill levels to become the players they’ve always desired to be.


With every ArtistWorks membership, you gain access to affordable, interactive guidance from master musicians. These industry icons bring countless years of touring, recording, and collaborating to their lesson plans, as each of them are dedicated to understanding where you are as a player and providing useful tools and solutions to help you progress as a musician. This idea can only be attained through the ArtistWorks platform where you can record and send your instructor videos of your progress and they will respond with personal video feedback answering your questions while guiding you to the next step in your musical journey. That’s the beauty of our unique platform; there is no confusion as to where you are and no guessing as to what to do next.


Now ask yourself, are you looking to grow as a musician? If so, how can we assist you to help optimize your playing? Our goal is, and has always been, to be your primary destination for online music instruction. Whether you are looking to establish the fundamentals, build proper technique, learn the standards, or simply jam and pick with the best of them, we are here to take your playing to new heights and help you achieve your goals! Are you ready to watch your playing blossom?


Get 30% off of any 6 or 12 month membership to the ArtistWorks school of your choice by using promo code GROWTH30 at checkout by clicking HERE!


Want to see whether we are the right online music instruction resource for you? Try it for yourself by receiving FREE SAMPLE LESSONS with your desired instructor and/or genre of choice and see if we can help you grow in the direction of your dreams.


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