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Here at ArtistWorks, we're working day and night to bring you the Luis Conte School of Percussion. We're excited to announce that in 9 days, you can take percussion lessons from one of the world's greatest percussionists thanks to ArtistWorks Video Exchange Learning!
Here's a clip from Luis's welcome message:
"I can teach all you guys all over the world -- I really want to meet you. Send me some videos!

Apr 2, 2012

Our teachers at the Academy of Bluegrass remember the legacy of bluegrass pioneer and banjo giant Earl Scruggs, who passed away yesterday at age 88. School of Banjo teacher Tony Trischka shares Earl's profound impact on his playing with our students and with NPR. Here's one such quote from NPR's On Point: "Even though I've done my own things and written my own tunes and stretched it in different directions, at the base of it, it's all Earl. I'm always teaching Earl things. His music is so subtle. Even today driving into New York, listening to things from the 50s [I was] picking up on things I had never heard before. 

"The thing about Earl Scruggs style is that you can pick it up almost in one or two lessons. But then you can spend the rest of your life really trying to get it down.... I've been playing for 48 years and I'm still trying to get that sound....It's rare to find one person who defines a whole style of man who influenced hundreds of thousands--if not millions--of people."  - Tony Trishcka

School of Mandolin teacher Mike Marshall regards Earl as "one of the most creative and inventive musicians of our time. "He redefined...

Mar 29, 2012

We recently shared how ArtistWorks drum teacher Billy Cobham practices music therapy with an autistic community in Bern, Switzerland. As music therapy gains increased popularity, Medill reports that learning guitar helps 4-year-old Gabbie Guzon battle leukemia.

Susan Cotter-Schaufele, Music Therapy Supervisor from Advocate Lutheran General Hospital just outside of Chicago, says that for Gabby, learning music is "meaningful" and "pleasurable, and so much of her treatment is anything but pleasurable."
Gabby also has Down syndrome, and Cotter-Schaufele has seen exercises such as strumming and singing "put on your shoes" boost Gabby's ability to communicate. According to Medill, Cotter-Schaufele says that "for patients like Gabby, a spoken word can become garbled, but because of the way the brain processes music, those words can be easily understood and remembered when used in a song." 
Although music therapists can use any instrument, they often choose the harp or the guitar because of their range...

Mar 28, 2012

We're not the only ones that believe in the benefits of music education. San Francisco State researchers teamed up with music teachers at Herbert Hoover Elementary School, about 100 miles from our Napa studio, to rethink teaching fractions.
The result was "Academic Music," a curriculum that "helps children connect the value of musical notes, such as half notes and eighth notes, to their equivalent fraction size."
The Telegraph notes that "Students in the music-based programme scored 50 percent higher on a fraction test, taken at the end of the study, compared to students in the regular math class."
We're excited that the very skills our newest teacher, Luis Conte, will teach in his upcoming School of Percussion will also sharpen his students' mathematic abilities!
For more on Luis and the ArtistWorks Drum Academy, check out our latest posts.

Mar 27, 2012

One of the things that makes new ArtistWorks Drum Academy teacher Luis Conte unique is his experience touring with world-class musicians. Luis shares his thoughts on his upcoming June tour with James Taylor 

What is your most memorable moment about touring with James Taylor?

"There are many, but one that stands out is playing at Carn...

Mar 23, 2012

Learn how to play Mozart on piano with the latest lessons from Peery Piano! We've just added two versions of Menuetto II in F Major at two different speeds.  As you progress, Christie is available via Video Exchange to answer your questions at any time. 

It's your time to learn Mozart with Christie. All you need is the desire to play.


Mar 22, 2012

Ever dream of playing congas while celebrities dance to the beat? Just ask the latest artist to join our roster of all-star teachers, Luis Conte. He's a percussionist for the orchestra on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars". 

Luis will be recording for the newest season of "Dancing with the Stars" just before we launch his school on April 11. 

Whether you want to learn percussion to play by yourself, jam with others,...

Mar 21, 2012

In anticipation of our upcoming launch of the Luis Conte School of Percussion, we're excited to share the impressive list of artists with whom he's collaborated:

Al Jarreau

Al Stewart

Alex De Grassi



Mar 20, 2012


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