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In this week’s episode of the ArtistWorks Music Series podcast, ArtistWorks CEO Patricia Butler sits down with master bluegrass acoustic guitar player and ArtistWorks instructor Bryan Sutton to discuss the concept of becoming a confident musician. Together, they explore the role that confidence plays in performance, what can bolster or erode your confidence, and the steps you can take to become a truly fearless player. The show is available wherever you listen to podcasts, or you can listen here at ArtistWorks.LEARN MORE: Want to learn acoustic guitar from a master musician like Bryan Sutton? Try a free bluegrass guitar lesson now!Master musicians radiate confidence when they’re performing. As an audience member, it quickly becomes apparent that you’re watching an undisputed master perform when every note, rest, passage, or shift in dynamics feels intentional, precise, and purposeful. Like experts in most crafts, however, master musicians don’t possess this...
Jun 09, 2021
In this week’s installment of our live-streamed series “Live Dispatch from Home,” ArtistWorks’ CEO and cofounder Patricia Butler will host ArtistWorks harmonica instructor Howard Levy, bluegrass acoustic guitar master teacher Bryan Sutton, and special guest Béla Fleck (world-renowned banjo player and co-founder of Béla Fleck & The Flecktones) for an afternoon discussion on, “Becoming a Confident Player.” These three musical masters will be taking a deep dive into what it takes to become a confident player on any instrument and will be sharing their approaches and techniques to becoming fearless musicians. In addition to sharing their secrets, they’ll be demonstrating their ideas and rounding out the discussion with some amazing live musical performances.
Jun 07, 2021
This morning, rock guitar legend and ArtistWorks instructor, Paul Gilbert released his sixteenth solo studio album entitled, Werewolves of Portland.
Jun 04, 2021
We’re excited and proud to announce that we’re celebrating 10 years of bluegrass here at ArtistWorks!In 2011, we welcomed Grammy Award-winning guitarist Bryan Sutton, bluegrass mandolin icon Mike Marshall, upright bass virtuoso Missy Raines, and legendary fiddle player Darol Anger to our faculty of instructors. Alongside world-renowned banjo player Tony Trischka, this amazing group of master musicians made up our ArtistWorks “Academy of Bluegrass.”While we no longer use the “Academy of Bluegrass” name, every one of these world-class instructors still teaches bluegrass music lessons here at ArtistWorks. In fact, we’ve even continued to expand our roster of bluegrass master teachers to include: Andy Hall (prolific dobro and lap steel guitarist and co-founder of the Infamous Stringdusters), Michael Daves (Grammy-nominated vocalist), Noam Pikelny (Grammy Award-winning banjoist and co-founder of the Punch Brothers), and a few exciting new instructors coming soon…To...
Jun 04, 2021
On May 11, 2021, Grammy Award-winning cellist and ArtistWorks instructor, Mike Block debuted the second single from his upcoming record release with tabla master Sandeep Das entitled, Where the Soul Never Dies, which will be available everywhere on June 11, 2021.The single, aptly named “Fight or Flight,” was joined by an accompanying music video on May 19. Both are packed with Mike’s percussive, dark cello melodies, Das’s driving tabla rhythms, and a beautiful and inventive interplay between the two instruments.“Where the Soul Never Dies is our duo's debut album, exploring the uncharted musical space of tabla and cello,” the two artists explain. “The music comes from the joy that we experience from respecting and surrendering to each other’s musical heritages. The result crosses genres with a dialogue that’s raw, organic, eclectic, and soulful.”Their first partnered collaboration, Where the Soul Never Dies expands on the boundary-pushing history that both...
Jun 03, 2021
AritstWorks was founded in 2008 with a vision of providing anyone, anywhere in the world with affordable, interactive access to some of the greatest music teachers on the planet. Our mission is to "Teach the World Music," and through our comprehensive online music lessons, patented Video Exchange Learning® platform, and faculty of master musicians, we believe we’re succeeding.
May 28, 2021
We’re excited to announce that today officially marks one year since we launched one of our newest online music courses, “Beginner’s Guide to Acoustic Guitar,” taught by David Butler, a lifelong acoustic guitarist, educator, and the Chairman and Co-founder of ArtistWorks.
May 27, 2021
In this week’s episode of the ArtistWorks Music Series podcast, ArtistWorks CEO Patricia Butler sits down with recording and touring bass guitar icon and ArtistWorks instructor, Nathan East, to discuss the art of recording soundtracks for film. They examine the processes and techniques used to record a film score, and how those processes differ from recording a traditional album. Nathan also recounts his recent experience recording bass for the Oscar-winning soundtrack of the Pixar animated film, “Soul.” The show is available wherever you listen to podcasts, or you can listen here at ArtistWorks.LEARN MORE: Want to learn bass guitar from a master musician like Nathan East? Try a free bass guitar lesson now!With over 2,000 album credits to his name, Nathan East is one of the most recorded bass players of all time. In addition to performing on stages around the world with some of the biggest names in pop, rock, R&B, blues, and jazz, he has also co-written and recorded songs...
May 26, 2021
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