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It was delightful to read about your musical heritage, Christie....a treasure from your mother that you now share with so many. Lovely!

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And I might add Patricia that you have been an inspiration to me as well - never giving up. :)

Thanks Barb for sharing your musical journey! Also, we should note that this hard working student has consistently encouraged others along the way. What a great example!


Thank you, Christie! :))))

I loved reading your blogpost Barb! You are a fabulous student and I am honored to teach you. Hearing your journey and experience was incredibly meaningful to me. Thank you for taking the time to do it and for posting the link!

I thought some might be interested in my journey and what Christie's teachings have meant to me. The Blog seems to only appear on the very top of the sign-in page, so I didn't even know it existed.

Hi All. For March, I was interviewed for the Student Highlight Blog. Here's the link:http://artistworks.com/blog/barbaras-piano-journey

Peter Erskine, our Jazz Drums instructor, is live on Facebook now: https://www.facebook.com/ArtistWorks/videos/1726087400745307/

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eliliang I couldn't agree with you more! ArtistWorks support staff has been great. I was able to obtain all the books to follow Christie through all her teachings.

ArtistWorks helped me. I was able to get a complete list of materials for the course. Thanks!

Hi, Signmom99! I am sending you an email to follow up on your concerns and hopefully help you resolve them. If anyone else has similar concerns, please let me know!

Thanks Polina. 1 yr for 2 levels - since there appear to be 26 triplets of lessons (muscular, practical & musical) in the first two levels, then I guess working on a set of lessons every two weeks is about the usual pace.

eliliang, if you absolute beginner first two levels will keep you busy for a year. If you do not know how to read music you will need books for practical lessons. I believe those are available.

I think being patient in the beginning pays back later. It helps to avoid mistakes as you proceed. I like Christie’s teaching so much. Last year I have improved more than with any other teacher before.

most of the initial lessons i practiced for a week to get the hand movements right. Time to time I went ahead while waiting on Christie’s response

There are few music scores in the study materials. To learn to read music you do need books and it is fun to play duets with Christie (recordings). I have learnt all beginner musical pieces from Christies explanation. Threre is a video from her somewhere on the website where she suggests it.

Polina: So is the idea to practice a lesson until you are performing it, in your own estimation, whether that takes a day or two weeks? Because I was thinking the idea was to practice each lesson for a week, but I guess that isn't right.

2018 ....I'm having a lot of trouble finding the books for classes beyond level 1 & 2. I would like to join on the 12 mos program but if I can't locate the books then what do I do? Anyone found any solutions?? I tried Primamusic but it says discontinued. It seems it is that where everywhere I look

The same is about equipment. I use camera on my computer and my recordings are ok. There are some metronom apps you can install on the phone

eliliang, you can be more flexible on your lesson plan. if you do not have books yet you can start working on muscular and first musical piece. the lessons are numbered, but it does not need to be completed exactly at the same time. The idea to finish them and do not move to the next level until the previous one is completed.

From the Getting Started forum and watching a few videos, I think that the following starting material is needed besides the computer and piano. Could someone validate this list for me? (1) webcam; (2) Celebrate Piano Lessons and Musicianship 1A; (3) Celebrate Piano Solos 1; (4) Celebration Perspectives Repertoire Preparatory; (5) metronome; and (6) Bastien notes flashcards. I see Celebration Etudes mentioned, but I guess that is probably needed in later lessons? I didn't see it on any list. Did leave anything out that is needed to start this course?

If this is the goal, how does one decide that for a certain triplet of lessons, an extra week of practicing is needed? Is there some standard of performing that I need to aim at and if I miss, then I repeat the week?

So is the idea that every week one works on 1 Muscular lesson, 1 Practical lesson, and 1 Musical lesson of the same number? So for example, since Level 1 has 10 lessons in each category, then the target is to complete Level 1 in 10 weeks? Or am I misunderstanding something?

If you have a video waiting for a response, towards the top of this page you'll see a message indicating it

Tune in in 30 MINUTES! Ask a question for the chance to win 3 free months. ArtistWorks live with Richard Amoroso: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtVk-jovaL4

Hi all! This Thursday, January 18th, at noon PST, we are hosting an ArtistWorks LIVE event! We'll be chatting with brand new violin instructor, Richard Amoroso. Tune in for the chance to win 3 free months at ArtistWorks! Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtVk-jovaL4

I have the same question. Some time ago there was a box named something like "videos waiting for response ". Where is it now?

Do you know where I an check if my video has been submitted correctly?

Hello, I have a question re musical level 1. I saw a similar question posted in 2015 and it wasnt answered. Where should I post the question?

Hi, I just joined.

It must be a general message for everyone. I got it too and I am a new beginner.

From my "home" page I see a "featured lessons" tab on the right. My page shows a video for "Level 1: The Bronze Bear by Adair." Is this specifically for me or a general notice to everyone? I did not think I was ready to go to Level 1 in the Intermediate Lessons yet.

Lovely note Barb. I could do with the advice even tho I've been here a while. Thanks for being a great and talented positive influence over the years!

Hoping 2018 is kind to you all! Congrats Janet for your ABRSM accomplishments. I've been Christie's student since 12/10. I've learned if I put in the work, practice and pay attention to Christie's recommendations, my playing improves. As it improves, my pleasure in hearing my playing improves. I'm satisfying no one but myself, although my husband is a great supporter. I'll be 75 in 2018. Never too late to learn. Regarding navigating the site, it is a challenge, but take your time, ask questions of tech support. Eventually you'll get it. That's part of the learning process, i.e., finding out how to get over the humps. The best to you all.

Would like to wish Christie and fellow students a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Best wishes also for everyone's musical aspirations for 2018!

Thanks Aslak :)

Wow, Janet. Congratulation

Thank you Polina, it was a bit scary progressing from playing alone in my room but the exam was well worth it


Just recently I completed my ABRSM Grade 4 Theory Exam (Merit) and Trinity (London) Piano Initial Practical Exam (Distinction) Whoa!

thanks so much for your input. I think we're beginning to get an understanding of the program. it's going to have to wait now till after Christmas with the busyness of this season. Merry Christmas to everyone.

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