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ArtistWorks Jazz Bass instructor, John Patitucci is going live from ArtistWorks Youtube tomorrow at 1:00 pm PST to talk about his tour with Chick Corea and his interview with Bass Musician Magazine. Tune in here:

ArtistWorks instructors Eric Marienthal (Jazz Saxophone) and George Whitty (Jazz Piano) are going live from our Facebook page at 1:30 pm PST! They'll be answering the most googled Jazz questions! Tune in. ⏰

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Hi Betty Go ahead and browse around the beginning lessons, and check out some of the intermediate and advanced as well, just for fun. You want to make sure that your physical technique isn't going to fight you or cause pain.


Hello Darol, excited to put a great fiddle to good use. I have a good ear and can pick up melody but need lots of work on technique and double stops!! Where do I start? Betty

Hi Jeff, a good place to start is tuning D D A D (low to high’) Check out Ian Walsh ‘s tutorial on Bonaparte s Retreat on YouTube. I think that’s just what you’re looking for.

Hmmm having trouble uploading. Got a good one for ya Darol

Can anyone recommend some good tunings for mimicking a bagpipe on the fiddle?

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love the lick of the month Darrol Thxs SJudd

Bank, not back.

Darol, for awareness make sure people know Artistworks has everyone on autorenew by default. I love you but am in other lessons and was not planning to renew at this point. They hit my back without a warning,

Darol- I liked your suggestion to edit so I posted an edited version two weeks ago but that’s not what I see. Didn’t it go thru? Can I

Fiddle legend, Darol Anger, is going LIVE from ArtistWorks Facebook page in 2 hours! (4:00 pm PST)

4th finger exercises pdf added to the lesson page now :)

Thanks Rick, glad to know it's not just me ;)

ArtistWorks Electric Country Guitar instructor, Guthrie Trapp, will be going live on our YouTube page in 1 HOUR! Link here:

Hi all! ArtistWorks Electric Country Guitar instructor, Guthrie Trapp, will be going live on our YouTube page at 10:00 am PST tomorrow! Link here:

For what its worth I am unable to find the 4th finger exercise pdf either.

Thanks Janetto. It's actually the pdf I'm looking for. They seem to be missing from the video page. Thanks anyway!

Go below the greeting to the right on this very page and you will see Daryl smiling and the title fourth finger exercise. I am sure this will be a challenge to anybody’s Pinky!

Hi Janetto, Thanks for the reply. Which page do you mean?

Look on this page to the right, and click on fourth finger exercises

Hi Guys, I'm looking for the fourth finger exercises pdf mentioned in beginner lessons. Any one know where to find them?

Looking for Leather Britches lesson or written materials - anyone know where that might be? Thanks.

thanks a bunch!!

AGAM AGEE interview---yes... I'm still trying to figure out where the old blogs go! So I just posted all the URLs in the General Discussion section of the Forum. That
should stay put!

Hi Darol and co... was really enjoying the interview with Adam i can not find it. was it only available for a limited time or can you help me access it please?

New Camera is installed!

HEY FOLKS-- Ok, my faithful Video Camera, which has worked perfectly for the seven years we've been doing the Fiddle School, finally blew up last week. I'm waiting for a replacement which should be even better than the last one... I'll have to start shaving before I do any recording! The Camera should arrive this week; I'll be touring with my good friend Matt Flinner in upstate New York this weekend.

hey folks-- don't forget all the amazing Study Materials we have available: sheet music pdfs for nearly every lesson, and guitar playalong tracks at various speeds. These can all be found at this URL:

Hi everyone! Complete this survey for ArtistWorks & have your voice heard:

David29485, check your personal message board for a reply.

Darol I need to learn "Come Along Jody" ! Do you have a video? Thanks to you, I figured out that it's A Dorian. Would love to see how you teach it! I am enjoying the ride, and learning SO much with you. Thanks! Fiddlin Dave Brown

Fiddlers! the infamous Bow Circles Video is still here: check out the "Video Message Archive" right below my Video message Screen... and they are all there. I'll be wearing a red shirt & looking fat. (I'm not!)

Hello RFellers- Darol here again. I am using a Bartlett Omni mic for the fiddle. These things sound great and are much less cumbersome than the DPA-on-a-stick contraptions which also sound great but tend to fall off the instrument. and cost way more.

Ukulele Instructors Craig & Sarah are going live in < 1 hour. Tune in here:

Darol, Can you tell me what pickup you are using on your violin? It looks like a little microphone in foam under the tailpiece.

Loving Sally Anne bowing! Darol, one tiny edit: the slow video is labeled correctly, but the normal speed video is labeled “Fire on the Mountain”. This bowing is very cool, and beyond a beginner.

Hey Darol! I've just finished all the major work I will do with bowing and shuffles for now, so I was wondering if you had any suggestions for lessons to move onto now? I really enjoyed the most recent lesson exchanges focused on bowing and groove! Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Sheps, if you're asking about Wagon Wheel, way back a few years ago I did a Greeting Video on Wagon Wheel. There should be a. pdf with the original recorded solo and a new bluegrassy solo by me in the Study Materials Department as well. You should be able to search the Video Message Archive for that.

wagon wheel

Hey Darol and Fellow Fiddlers, Just wondering if you have experience using music writing software that you would recommend and a device that is best for writing and viewing it when traveling, something small, say 6 "x 8"? Thanks so much! Mary

5 string sounds great

Love the new string......

Just curious where a good place for me to start would be. I can read music and have a smooth bow but i want to learn the fiddle style.

Hello, E. Those things on the bridge are actually a rubber band wrapped around the bottom of the bridge-- that fiddle I'm using is a bit bright, and has a wolf on the B note above A-440. The rubber band is a quick and inexpensive fix that functions as a very mild muting device.

Darol, I your newsfeed video currently you have some type of black attachment / insert in each of the Bridge kidney locations. What are they and what purpose do they serve? THanks!

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