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Instruments > Add-On > The Ear Training Workshop

Ear Training

Taught by Berklee College of Music alumnus David Olivas, this five section series of lessons covers everything from basic ear training concepts to terminology, and how to hear and read musical relationships. David details multiple approaches to ear training and leads comprehensive lessons to teach you to identify Intervals, Chord Qualities, Tonal Relationships, Rhythms, and more.

Ear training conceptsTerminology to apply your skills

Multiple ear training methodsExercises at every step

The Ear Training Workshop

Ear Training Lessons

 Basic Ear Training Concepts

  • Ear Training Introduction
  • Tools
  • Learning to Name Sounds
  • Pitch Matching
  • Intervals
  • The Major Scale
  • Basic Interval Singing
  • The Minor Scale
  • Major Triads
  • Minor Triads
  • Diminished Triads
  • Augmented Triads
  • 7th Chords
  • Diminished 7th Chords
  • Hearing Common Chord Progressions

+ Intervalic Ear Training

+ Rhythmic Ear Training

+ Chordal Ear Training

+ Tonal Ear Training

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  • Full library of deep-dive lessons
  • Supplemental study materials
  • Guidance from a master musician
  • Access for 6 months, non-renewing