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Fingerstyle Milestones
with Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel’s compelling musical performances, mesmerizing stage presence, jaw-dropping technique, and beaming personality have attracted thousands of guitarists to the art of fingerstyle playing. This step-by-step course is ideal for early intermediate to advanced players who are ready to develop finger and thumb independence and explore the polyphonic wonders of fingerstyle guitar.

97 video lessons4 detailed sections

26 guitar tabs2+ hours of detailed instruction

Fingerstyle Milestones

About Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel, CGP has achieved enough musical milestones to satisfy several lifetimes. At the age of six, he was touring Australia with his family band. By 30, he was a rock lead guitarist playing stadiums. At 44, he become one of five people ever named a Certified Guitar Player (CGP) by his idol, music icon Chet Atkins. Today, he plays sold-out shows everywhere from Nashville to Sydney to London. Influenced by the Merle Travis/Chet Atkins fingerstyle of guitar picking, Tommy developed a style of solo guitar playing that encompasses the range of a whole band—covering drums, bass, rhythm, lead guitar, and vocal melody simultaneously. While some artists take a band on the road, Tommy builds a complete sonic world entirely on his own with no overdubs or loops. Tommy has multiple Grammy nominations, countless "Guitar Player" awards, and has won numerous magazine polls naming him the greatest acoustic guitarist alive. He's grateful for it all.

Guitar Lesson Topics

Fingerstyle Milestones

Course Orientation - SECTION 1: Overview
Types of Guitars
The Thumbpick
String Tuning & Guages
Types of Fingerstyle
Hand Size
Memorizing Songs
Your Learning Timeline
Milestone Marker - SECTION 1: Closing
Deconstructing Boomchick - SECTION 2: Overview
The Bass Part
The Palm Mute
Angle of the Thumbpick
Open Position Etude: E
Open Position Etude: C
Barre Chord Etude: G
Inversion Etude: E
Milestone Marker - SECTION 2: Closing
Adding the Fingers - SECTION 3: Overview
Accompanying with Lead
The Melody Finger/Hand Posture
Timing: Being in the Pocket
Chords on Beat Etude: E
Syncopated Chords Etude: E
Arpeggios on Beat Etude: E
Anticipating the Beat
Syncopated Arpeggios Etude: E
Chords on Beat Etude: C
Syncopated Chords Etude: C
Arpeggios on Beat Etude: C
Syncopated Arpeggios Etude: C
Advanced Etudes in E7
Chords on Beat Etude: E7
Arpeggios on Beat Etude: E7
Syncopated Arpeggios Etude: E7
Milestone Marker - SECTION 3: Closing
Learning Songs - SECTION 4: Overview
The Method: Beat by Beat
Beginner's Blues Etudes
Hammer-on Etude: Am
Pull-off Etude: Am
Beginner's Blues
Buffalo Girls Etude
Pull-off Etude: G
Buffalo Girls
Pinkie Melody Etude: D
Creole Belle Etudes
Using a Capo
Thumb-over Etudes: A
Just Bass Thumb-over Etude: A
With Chords Thumb-over Etude: A
Creole Belle
Yankee Doodle Dixie Etudes
Stretch Etude
Yankee Doodle Dixie
Milestone Marker - SECTION 4: Closing
Fingerstyle Milestones: Conclusion

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