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Hi YHuang0615! Just posted a VE response to your video! Thanks!

Hi Hugh Sung - I have tried to uploaded a few times, would you please check it if you have got it? Thank you!

In uploading videos. Anyone else?

I have encountered technical issues.

Happy November Everyone! Here are my planned VE response dates: Wed. 11/7, Mon 11/12, Mon 11/19, Tue 11/27

Thank you, Jancroft!

D.R. And amazing fingers best of luck with the audition. Let us all know how you get on

Hello Hugh, Just want to make sure that you see the most recent upload of the 1 st movement of the Beethoven Sonata. We hope that you will be able to comment on your 10|29 VE response as Amazing Fingers is preparing for upcoming auditions. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for your comments, Hugh. I really like the suggestions. I noticed that you are going to play at Good Samaritan Church tonight. Do you know how long the concert will last?

Hello YHuang0615! Great question! The answer to "when to play legato" is: it depends. If the music sounds romantic, for example, then you'll probably want to play everything legato. If the music sounds peppy, then it might be appropriate to add staccato. Learning legato first is a good way to develop independent finger coordination and hand shapes. Hope this helps!

Hi Folks! My apologies - I was slammed with meetings and a concert yesterday! I will get to my VE responses either later today or tomorrow. Thanks for your patience and understanding! The crazy life of a performing musician!!

Hello Hugh, I have a question about the song "Memory". It seems that you used legato for all the notes (left hand and right hand), though it was no indicated on the music sheet. How do I know when I should play legato? Thank you!

Hi again, Oops!I accidentally pushed submit before I was ready. We are looking forward to your comments on October 23 as Amazing Fingers is preparing for upcoming auditions. We both enjoy listening to your suggestions. Thanks!

Hi Hugh, I just uploaded another video from Amazing Fingers. I want to make sure that you received it as we are looking forward to your comment

Hi Hugh have 2 future pieces from Sarah and DQ which I love and you will get to hear at some point. Is your next VE Tuesday 23rd still ? Still working on Nocturne, Modulations etc though.

Hi Hugh like the hand shape fingering. Will practice more tomorrow. Just wondered as I’ve been a student for a while you know what tunes make me tick so to speak for future February workshop with David Quigley do you have some ideas for a future piece.? Sarah is compiling a short list also. 2 of the pieces David has suggested I’ve either done - Clara Schumann’s Romance no2 - which I adored Raindrop - Chopin - I did couple years ago. The others Rustle of Spring I think too complicated and don’t love enough and afraid I find Th e Maidens Prayer he also recommended too repetative ( sorry SarahYe - however I liked your playing)No worries if you are too busy Hugh.Jan

Hello YHuang0615! I went ahead and deleted your video, so you can try to upload another version. Hope that helps!

Hello Hugh, I sent a video for Greenslees; but the quality of image was not as good as I wanted. So I recorded another one; how to resubmit?

My apologies! I was swamped with rehearsals yesterday - will try to get to this week's VE responses either later today or tomorrow! Thanks for your patience!!

Hello Everyone! Here are the remaining October dates that I will try to post VE responses: Tuesday 10/16, Tuesday 10/23, Monday 10/29. Be sure to post your VE submissions at least 1 day before those dates!

Hi D.R. - Yes, I see it now! I will get to them in my next VE response batch next week

Hello Hugh, I resubmitted the video submission that I thought was uploaded a few weeks ago. I hope that you can see it in your queue this time. Thanks!

Hi Wawhal and welcome to the school! I just posted your VE response - you did a great job! I hope you find my suggestions helpful!!

Hello Hugh! I submitted my first VE on 5th Oct. Excited to see your review :D

Hi D.R. - I'm so sorry, I didn't see it! And it's still not in my queue - you may want to try re-uploading your VE submission. Sorry about that!

Hugh, I submitted a video on Oct. 2 in hopes that you would review itbon Oct. 3. I don’t see a review from you. Did you receive my submission of the Beethoven c minor sonata ( 2 nd movement)?

Thank you AnnInMiami!!

Hugh, happy 50th birthday!

Thanks so much, SaraM!

Just opened the home page and saw that I missed your birthday. I hope you had a most excellent birthday and I wish you a wonderful year and all that you wish for yourself. All the best.

Hi Hugh,

Ok Hugh. I will ask helpdesk to cancel. You look so young. Yes Rome is full of old ruins 6 of us feel like old ruins at the end of the day we’ve done so much walking

Hi JanCroft! Wow, Rome?? Have a fabulous time!! Yes, I just turned the big "Five Oh" yesterday! Sorry for missing the VE this week - here are my next VE response dates: Oct 2, Oct 16, Oct 23, Oct 29

Hi Hugh you’re a year older? Is that why you are not responding to VE. You are celebrating? Hope had a great time.
I’m roaming in Rome and sent video . When is your next VE date ? I had 24th on my calendar. ? Am I best cancelling and sending another Friday when back. Playing it on Saturday at piano club.

Happy Birthday, Hugh! Hope your day is the best.

Thanks for the encouragement Hugh!!! I like our ending. I shall just leave it out when see Sarah next- David Quigley liked it too.

Hope Surgery improves your knee Melissa

Hey Mike and Hugh- how wonderful Hugh is to so creative - sounded so good . Sarah not keen on my ending to Modulations and if doing so wants me to end on an e note but I like’my’ way better. Had quite a few things to pull me up on-help!!! Back to counting 123. Have it memorised but no good if wrong rhythm . Feeling demoralised but Mustn’t give up

Thank you Hugh for the suggestions. As you know, I will be speaking to a surgeon October 2nd. For my knee. Hope he would help me. You never know, he might fix me within a month or so. I've also picked up on painting for my other creativity side if I can't play the piano because of my injury.

Hi Hugh. The use of the Apple Watch was born of necessity. My wife was threatening divorce if she had to videotape Greensleeves one more time! Really enjoying the course. Thanks for the suggestions

Helpdesknowtesponded and sorted. Thank you Hugh. Yes seems helpful and will do my best to memorise

Ahugh it’s so frustrating I can’t open it. I can just see the video of me then there is no response. I’ve informed artistworks. No reply yet. Mike tried too and he can only see VE from 2 weeks ago.is there anyway you could email me with things for me to work on this week apart from fluency?

Hi JanCroft - your VE response has been posted! Hope you find it helpful!

Hugh it’s now let me upload video please will you respond.

Hugh it states I have no videos waiting but 2 duplicates were uploaded and I cant see a response from you but Iit looks as though you may have responded but it won’t open

Same here Hugh.

Hey Hugh, For some reason I uploaded a VE and the system is showing two. They are duplicates so you can disregard one

Mike, happy to hear that you will continue with Cathedral. Just keep arising frustration at bay by having a few other pieces WIP also, and practice Cathedral a measure or phrase at the time. Maybe also look at other Debussy to become more familiarized with his style. We all will support you along the journey.

Congrats for birthday, Melissa and Mike!

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"Kiss The Rain" by Yiruma, Performed by Jasmine Choi, Flutist


My good friend, flute superstar Jasmine Choi, stopped by Cunningham Piano Company earlier this week to shoot a music video with me. We performed my arrangement of Yiruma's popular "Kiss The Rain" on a gorgeous Yamaha CFX 9' concert grand piano. What fun! And what a fantastic flute player! Jasmine and I will be performing in Poland together in December - if you're living there, be sure to let me know so that we can hang out together! I love meeting my students all around the world!



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Your Canvas Awaits: The Bösendorfer 214 VC 7 ft. Grand Piano

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