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Don’t know how, but I found this little guy playing piano: https://youtu.be/rCXWdM6P5II

Hugh, Thank you for the travel stories. Wow! Glad you are home safe. How do you perform with jet lag? We just got back from Italy. I was so tired when we got there, and then tired when we got back!

And I’m struggling with those ascending runs you do so well. My thumb does not cooperate. That’s pianolife, right? Got 16 days to work it out. :-)

You can do it, Joanne! I saw your foot on the pedal in that video. Easy peasy. Give it one week and don’t doubt for a second. It’s boring 2-3 days then the results start showing and it gets fun. Weird how it works,

Thanks, sebaot, I’m not familiar with that game, but I can do the exercises Hugh gives me. I just seem to fall back to my old habits.

Hi Joanne, what worked for me is a bit silly, but to get the motion "programmed", I looked at it as a game of whack-a-mole. Held the pedal pressed down, hit a key, the imaginary mole pops up when key hits bottom, mole gets whacked by up/down pedal motion, key (another mole!) pops up when pedal hits bottom, gets whacked by a new piano key, that gets whacked by pedal, and so on. Starting slow and gradually increasing speed or going insane.

Hi JoanneB - yes that's correct! If you don't mind, shall we give it one more go? Thank YOU for being patient with me!!

Hi Hugh, thanks so much for your warm words, suggestions and encouragement. I'm very glad to be back.

Hi Hugh, Thank you for being so patient with me on this peddling . I think i’m seeing the problem. From what I think your telling me now is that I need to pick my foot up on the first beat and down on the second beat, not just on the first note. Is that what your telling me? Yes, I am going to submit this again. I have been working on “My Favorite things” so I’m not too worried about moving on. I want to get this peddling right. Thanks again, Joanne

Hey Hugh - thanks for your support. Now I feel even better about Henle. Hah-hah!

Thanks, MarkMarz! That's a terrific app, and you can even add your own annotations if you like! Oh, and it's AirTurn compatible too ;)

Fellow students - I found an excellent resource for Urtext edition scores with the Henle app for Android or Apple. Many of their scores are available digitally, usually with fingerings, at an excellent price especially if you are interested in individual scores vs collections. For example I just bought the Chopin Prelude in our curriculum for 4 credits where 100 credits cost $8.99. From the app you can 'print' the score as a PDF and then route it anywhere you need it, with fingering if you like. App has other features also such as annotation layers.

More info: https://www.henle-library.com

Hi Hugh. Working hard on the Arensky Nocturne - but don’t think I’ll be able to make the next VE. However, I’ve decided to start a new piece - Debussy’s First Arabesque. I will send you a pdf in the next few days (you probably have the music, but so we are using the same edition, I thought I’d send you mine.) Thanks!

Never rely on spellchecker!! That was meant to be Sebaot! Sorry!

Thanks, Sebastian. That’s good to hear. I’ll look forward to your VEs in July! Enjoy the summer (here in the UK it is currently rain, rain, rain)!

I really like everyone's videos that came in -- very inspiring and such good company to be in! Wanted to wish you all a very nice summer, and I think I'll see you in July. I renewed my subscription last month, but I read it like it won't come into effect until my current subscription expires. The current has a limit on VEs that I've reached. But I'll keep checking your videos until I'm "unlocked". Hope you all have a great summer!

(I mean when ascending a scale note for note.)

Thanks, Hugh. I'll begin the practical work with moving the hand to the chord shapes. It's a lot easier to visualize, I must admit. :-) Do you apply a similar kind of "visualization" and break down a scale into shapes?

Good for you Rachel! Had piano club today and it went well so hopefully should be ok all of us at David’s in July. I’m still adhering to focusing on sightbreading and rhythms though. And Black coffee only with Hugh

Hi Hugh, hi Jan and hi Feeelipe! Hugh, the VE now works, and it was worth waiting for - great advice, which I’ll now go and work on. Jan and Feeelipe - thanks for your encouraging words. A bit too late to start practicing tonight, but will be back at the piano tomorrow

Rachel- gosh I know that feeling of frustration! But Hugh’s advice definitely works. Best of luck . I love that piece.

No worries, Hugh -- it's been a good thing I got it mixed up.

Rachel I’ve listened to only half and sounds BEAUTIFul must go and do e

JanCroft, you are sounding brilliant with Black Coffee! Terrific progress!!

So sorry, Sebaot! FYI, my next VE response will be next Monday June 17, so try to get your VE submission posted by the 16th!

Oh my, seems I got the months mixed up and thought 20th was the VEs.

Thanks Hugh and Jan. I’ve emailed the help desk, as you suggested. I HAD hoped you were going to say that the piece was beyond comment!!! I’ll let you know how I get on. Rachel

Hi Rachel W - that's strange! Yes, as JanCroft says, please get in touch with ArtistWorks' helpdesk - the VE response I made for you is quite extensive!

Hi Hugh and R, Rachel I tried watching and thought I’d had a power cut! HUGH SO GREAT TO HAVE YOU BACK!!! Brilliantly helpful. r. Try ArtistWorks helpdesk if no response from Hugh.

Hi Hugh! Something a little bit odd has happened with your latest VE. It’s not there! That is to say, your response is only 0 seconds long! Can you help? Thanks!Rachel. PS hope your Viennese trip went well

You know, Mark -- you're doing the right thing, I think. You're looking for what YOU enjoy playing. Can't go wrong with that. I definitely enjoy listening to it!

Hey sebaot .. thanks so much for your interest! I've put Berlin Song on hold for a while. Over a year is just too much on this piece. I'll come back to it eventually. Meantime I've been working hard on the Chopin Prelude in E minor. Just takes me a really long time :-( But I feel encouraged by your comment, thanks!

Hey Mark and Andrew, long time, no VE, what you guys working on? Can't be not working on something. Liked your playing.

Ta Hugh. I love being able to screen shot the music and love your coloured details etc. Not worried at all about the fuzzy bits on the VE.

Hi Rachel have u found a other person yet for DQ workshop? If not contact me please

I think I found the answer to my question: it depends. Depends on your hands and how you want to descend and ascend.

Hi Hugh - lets say I find myself with my right hand positioned for G minor. Pinky on high D, middle-finger on Bb, index-finger on G, and thumb on low D. If I ascend/descend note for note one octave at a time, what's a good fingering for that? Move the whole hand? Roll over thumb? Abandon ship and use 3 fingers? Does the question make sense? It's a bit generic, I know. Thank you!

Hi Hugh I’ve been at bit thick- the counting in Black Coffeee is similar to the counting we did in Mike Cornick’s Modulations- is that right?

Hugh I've typed in comments box hopefully there is something there for you to read- in case nothing appears- Sarah listened to Barcarolle played from memory and was also pleased and agrees ready for new piece.

hi Rachel i received your email. What a shock for you. i will try send email back but had to have iPad wiped clean and restore to factory settings as was showing full when it actually wasn't. using iMac whilst sorting . i may tele you . you don't appear t o have received emails. i can see Hughs blog now on my iMac but couldn't on iPad previously.

Guess he'll just have to go to Austria now!

AND I’ve just pressed “send” before I got to the end of the message - oh dear! Anyway thanks for the good wishes, and sorry if I’m spreading false information!!

Hi Jan. Hope I’m not having a senior moment, but I thought Hugh said in his May video blog that he was going there

Where did you find info Rachel re Hugh goin to Vienna.. got your email don’t know if you received my last one from weeks ago in reply to you know who’s balance prob. Best of luck to that person and I hope nothing sinister.

Austria. Excellent choice. If you go out on the countryside, there’s some really scenic hiking and mountainbiking available!

Hugh, have a successful time in Vienna -- and add to your to-do-list a visit at Hotel Sacher to enjoy coffee and a piece of Sachertorte (mit Schlag) (chocolate cake with whipped cream), done using the original secret recipe!

Hugh, I hope you have a fantastic time in Vienna. I went there a few years ago, and it is a beautiful city. If you have time, you can take a tram out to the edge of the city, and see one of the houses where Beethoven lived, and then walk in the Vienna woods, where Beethoven walked. In the middle of the forest there are these little cafes (I think they are called Heurigens) where you can have a glass of local wine and little snacks - again, just like Beethoven!

Thanks Sean!

Ok ta for that Sebot

Hugh, good luck with your trip and your herbs!

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