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Chorões & Choronas, music to work by! Not sure how I missed this. Just saw Dudu post this on Facebook.

I just put up Four by Miles Davis in the Study Mat. Section

Leftlake. There you GO. But I've never really thought of it much in terms of chord shapes and all. anyone else?

Eureka! I just realized that the mandolin tuning GDAE is mirror to the guitar's EADG(BE)! Tuning to 4ths vs 5ths and yet still matching. Woooah... :-)

Love that Sarah J! Saw her perform at Truro Ma performance center this summer ("I'm with Her" band). My best real time quip of the summer happened when going to be seated in the tent auditorium with my wife, and the usher, after directing my wife to her seat, approached me to see my ticket and tell me where my seat was...and I said "I'm with Her" ...suspect that happens often!

Wonderful, Mike. I love that combination of instruments too.

For your mandolin Monday thrill. Our dear Sarah.

Mike will be doing the next monthly message blindfolded :)

My new go to Mantra , "Be the Pick"

Good one Betty ;). As a PT golfer, I see a correlation. Loose grip rules in both for sure.

nientedafare, COOL. I'll have to go back to that one.

Scott, The E and F# s are pick up notes. They start in the middle of a bar. just after a downbeat. The first A note is the down beat of the first bar and so yes, the C# is the down beat of the next bar.


That was it Mike, but Bibey not Steffey ;)

Is it just me or is anyone else seeing a constant "Loading Video Exchange" message when clicking on a VE?

Just listened to your advice to Mike Robinson. It reminded me of Bill Murray in Caddie Shack when he was talking to himself, "just be the ball". Your advice to focus on the pick, as opposed to the wrist, has been helpful already. Thanks

Mike, hope this is ok place for a timing I start in on Dancin’ with the Angels, is Sams lead-in lick and the A and B that follow as he starts in on the solo, is that the same measure? And, therefore, is the C# the first note of the next measure? I’m trying to get the timing clarified. Thanks

Elias, COOL!

Thanks Mike, that lesson plan was almost exactly what I was looking for. I want to apply the 4 hour violin practice method (1 hour technique, 1.5 hrs new material, 1.5 hrs performance) and I wasn't sure how to optimise the technique part

Here's that Adam Steffy kick off Pilot is talking about.

Pilot..... There you go!

Scott.... Cant' wait!

Mike, thanks for the Dancin with the Angels lesson. You had me at the Banjo solo! Now I have to transcribe that too. Just watching your learning process was so helpful, not to mention the facial expressions! See you in Benicia!

Definitely got some inspiration on that Dancin with the Angels. Going to learn me some bluegrass!

Took some inspiration and learned note for note Alan Bibey's intro to You Win Again with IIIrd Tyme Out. It is pretty satisfying to get it just right. Only an hour for 11 seconds in real time LOL

Thanks Toweisman. Indeed those older brains function differently but hey, it's still possible RIGHT!?

Mike- Your Dancing with the Angels monthly message was a great demonstration of the learning process. Thanks for sharing it. Humillity, perserverance, maintaining a sense of humor and hopeinspite of the frustrations encountered ...just great. I think that going back and forth...trying to capture a note/ what is necessary to form new neural pathways in the brain...and time/effort is required to make that possible.

Mike, yout new mandolin sounds killer, very unique sounding, slays Dancing With the Angels.

Yeah I’ve had a bunch of first hand experience learning some of Sams solos and it takes time to get every note. Good news is after doing a few they get easier. Hardest part is getting them up to tempo. Sam can really burn it.

Because this is 'improv' it's happening in the moment to a degree.

Pilot, My guess is that he did not pour over it but had some general ideas of the things he would like to see happen. But getting there would very and may even surprise HIM. If I was to transcribe one of my own solos it might take just as much time. If you can imagine that.

Richc and Pilot. Yes it is tedious work for all of us if we REALLY want to dive deep in here and learn it right.

Elias, Go to the Study. Mat. section then go to Additional Study Mat. and you'll find some breakdowns of how to structure you time for all levels and seer different amounts of time the tyou have. I hope that's what you are looking for.

Mike...Sam Bush- Dancing with Angels breakdown is fantastic. As a rookie wanting to learn new licks...this approach is really going to help me. Thanks for posting.

Mike, great look at breaking down another solo. It's easy to get frustrated going back and forth and then forgetting the beginning and starting over but glad to see it takes even a great player like you some time and effort to figure it out. My question is did Sam pour over every note in figuring that out or just blaze it off the cuff and that's what came out? Would he play it the same way every time or shake it up?

Hi Mike, if someone was wanting to put together an hour of technique practice (as part of a 4 hour session), are there any particular lessons on here you'd recommend for exercises?

Watching how you break down a new tune to learn it is invaluable! Thanks, Mike!

Dancing with the Angels, wow, awesome stuff, thanks for sharing, Mike.

Glad to keep you guys entertained Toycona. ; ) Sorry about the glitches on that playback machine.

Mike, my office mate and I are watching your "dancing with the angels" video. Well, my coworker absolutely LOVED your pantomimed back up of the parts. I told her, "It gets better!" And it does. Thanks for this!

Elias, look just below Recent Video Exchanges (here on HOME page). It's entitled, Newsfeed.

what's a monthly message and where do i see them?

I just put up the Sam Bush solo Dancing With the Angels to go along with this weeks monthly message folks. TAB and All. GO get em Y'all!

Calcook2, I see yours too. Cool!

Elias, I DO see it here! Response coming soon. Thanks. MM

I uploaded a video of cochicando for you to pick apart. Bring it on, Sensei.

hi Mike, i uploaded my placement video a while ago, can you confirm it's in your queue? i've got the red banner saying "videos waiting for mike" up there and all

Wow Mike. It sounds great.

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