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Instruments > Add On Courses > The Music Improvisation Workshop

Music Improvisation

Taught by ArtistWorks jazz instructors Eric Marienthal and George Whitty, this expansive improvisation workshop details the many approaches and methods used by these masters improvisers. They’ll teach you dozens of techniques ranging from simple to advanced concepts and beyond. These in-depth lessons include demonstrations, analysis, and discussions that will truly elevate your skills.

Basic to advanced improvStep-by-step guidance

In-depth analysis + breakdownsDemos + performances

The Music Improvisation Workshop

Improvisation Lessons

Basic Improvisation

Lesson 1: Introduction to Improvisation
Lesson 2: The Major Scale
Lesson 3: Chord Progression Overview
Lesson 4: Head Space
Lesson 5: Improvising Over Chords
Lesson 6: 8 Note Scales Overview
Lesson 7: The Blues Scale
Lesson 8: Time & Touch
Lesson 9: How to Practice
Lesson 10: Playing Different Styles
Lesson 11: Approach Notes
Lesson 12: The Blues

Intermediate Improvisation

Lesson 1: Minor Chords
Lesson 2: Play a Standard in One Key
Lesson 3: Combining Chord Types: Introduction to the II-V-I Progression
Lesson 4: II-V-I Progressions
Lesson 5: Introducing “Autumn Leaves”
Lesson 6: Transcribing 101
Lesson 7: Integrating Ideas on “Autumn Leaves”
Lesson 8: Preparedness & Combining Tools
Lesson 9: Helpful Ways to Memorize
Lesson 10: About Those 7b5 and 7#9 Chords
Lesson 11: Better Soloing Through Better Technique
Lesson 12: The Journey to Mastery

Advanced Improvisation

Lesson 1: Working with “New York State of Mind”
Lesson 2: Common Modes
Lesson 3: Playing on a Pedal Point
Lesson 4: Playing Over the "Blank Slate" of a Modal Tune
Lesson 5: Playing Light Even When Playing Intensely
Lesson 6: Chords on a Modal Tune
Lesson 7: Using Expression and Articulation Correctly
Lesson 8: Playing in Context
Lesson 9: Extended Harmony
Lesson 10: Knowing Where You Are in Time
Lesson 11: Tying Everything Together
Lesson 12: Where to Take it Next

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