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The Nature of Guitar
with Pat Martino

Pat Martino's mastery of the fretboard & enlightened improvisational concepts have inspired musicians since he first took the stage in the early 60s. 50+ years later, Pat is considered one of the most influential guitarists of his time. Through this detailed course, students will learn Pat’s unique approach to the guitar, as well as his intimate philosophies about the instrument & music.

84 video lessonsMulti-angle videos

57 guitar tabs5+ hours of detailed instruction

The Nature of Guitar

About Pat Martino

Pat began playing professionally in 1961 and performed with a wide variety of artists including Sonny Stitt, Gene Ammons, Richard Groove Holmes, John Handy, Bobby Hutcherson, Chick Corea, Jack McDuff, Don Patterson, Stanley Clark, Eric Kloss, Trudy Pitts, Willis Jackson, Lloyd Price, Woody Herman, Chuck Israels, Charles Earland, Barry Miles, and Joe Pesci. Beginning in 1967, Pat spent most of his career touring as a leader and was a Recording Artist for Vanguard, Prestige, Warner Brothers, Muse, Columbia, King, Paddlewheel, Evidence, Sony, 32 Jazz, High Note, Milestone, Polydor, Concord, Fantasy, House of Blues, Mythos, Mainstream, Cobblestone, Atlantic, and Blue Note Records. Pat was also an avid educator and hosted Guitar and Music Therapy Seminars, Clinics, and Master Classes throughout the world.

Guitar Lesson Topics

The Nature of Guitar

The Guitar As A Vehicle
Augmented & Diminished Forms
Parental Forms Revealed
Automatic Forms Revealed
Discovering The Guitar
The Piano vs. The Guitar
Augmented Parental Forms Revealed
Vertical Structure: Childlike Curiosity
Creativity, Intuition & Education
Diminished Parental Form: Dom7
Diminished Parental Form: min7b5
Vertical Structures
Diminished Form: Vertically
A7 Across String Sets
Parental Forms In Composition
7b5: Consonant vs. Dissonant
Steel & Fire
String Groups
String Groups: Practicality
Linear Patterns In Descent
Outer vs. Inner
Stairways & Chromaticism
Linear Expressions: Dmin7
Linear Expressions: Descent
Inversions & Transpositions
Thinking vs. Spontaneity
Improvisations: Dmin
Polarity & Objectivity
Geometric Revelation
Seven Primaries: Straight Line
Seven Primaries: Triangle
Seven Primaries: Diamond
Seven Primaries: Rectangle
Seven Primaries: Pentagram
Seven Primaries: Hexagon
Rhythm & Music Education
G7 Improv: Minor Form
A7 Improv: Minor Form
Minor Form Applications
Comping: The Rhythm of Life
Extensions: 1st Position
Extensions: 2nd Position
Extensions: 3rd Position
Extensions: 4th Position
Extensions: Improvisation
Extensions: Connections
Chromatic Scale: Octavistics
What Is Groove?
Welcome to a Prayer
The Utensil & The Experience
Minority: 1st Position
Minority: 2nd Position
Minority: 3rd Position
Minority: 4th Position
Minority: 5th Position
Minority: Connecting Positions
Transcending The Craft
Rhythm Changes
Rhythm Changes: Melody
Rhythm Changes: 1st Position
Rhythm Changes: 2nd Position
Rhythm Changes: 3rd Position
Rhythm Changes: 4th Position
Rhythm Changes: 5th Position
Rhythm Changes: Mirror Images
Rhythm Changes: Connecting Positions
A Renewed Perspective
Blues Approaches
Melodic Shapes
Music & The Human Experience
Alphabet Junction
The Cadence of Composition
A Compositional Journey: 1
A Compositional Journey: 2
A Compositional Journey: 3
What's Beneath The Stone

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