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Instruments > Certification > Blues Guitar Certification

Blues Guitar Certificate Course
with Keith Wyatt

Keith Wyatt has created a definitive video lesson series that teaches important blues guitar techniques, patterns and riffs for all blues styles. Music Certification offered in four skill levels.

 12-weekly lessons  Weekly study material

 Play along tracks  Quizzes & Video Exchanges

Blues Guitar Online Music Certificate

What You'll Learn

This 12-week Certificate Course in blues guitar will teach you the basic structure of playing blues music on guitar, how to unlock chords from each position, blues phrasing, chord substitutions, comping, solo ideas, effective practice habits and chord progressions typically found in multiple blues styles. You'll be able to play the most common scales and modes found in blues and to improvise over standard chord changes. You'll also play along to a backing track of accompaniment and complete daily sight reading exercises.

How To Qualify for a Certificate of Achievement

  • Successfully complete 12 weekly assignments according to stated Learning Outcomes
  • Earn minimum of 75% of all possible points on three Video Submission according to stated Learning Outcomes
  • Earn minimum of 75% on three multiple choice, audio and video quizzes covering:
    • Content taught in blues guitar lessons
    • Ear Training Lessons
    • Improvisation Lessons
    • Music Theory

Academic Accreditation

ArtistWorks is recognized by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) as a supplemental education provider. We are committed to adhering to established national music standards while expanding on performance requirements. We believe we offer the most comprehensive music instruction destination where access to master musicians is within the reach of anyone who wants to learn and improve their skills. Our goal is to educate and challenge you, fill in any learning gaps and most importantly, validate your skills and knowledge with our ArtistWorks Online Music Certificate Program.

About Keith Wyatt

Keith Wyatt fell in love with the blues as a teenager hearing Albert King's "The Sky Is Crying" for the first time. He has been deeply passionate about the genre ever since. Keith was on faculty at the Guitar Institute of Technology as Director of the Guitar program for 30 years. Since 1988, Keith has produced more than 20 instructional video courses with Hal Leonard, spanning beginner blues guitar lessons, roots guitar styles, and many other guitar methods. He has played guitar in LA roots rock group The Blasters since 1996, and collaborated with other iconic players like Albert Collins, Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker. Keith has taught blues guitar lessons online at ArtistWorks since 2015.

Blues Guitar Certification

 Blues Guitar Level 1

  • Prerequisites:
    This level is intended for guitar players that have at least one year of experience playing. Correct playing posture, knowledge of open & barred chords and the ability to play in tune and on time are necessary to excel at this course. The method and techniques are taught for application on electric blues guitar so we highly recommend you use electric guitar for this course.
  • Learning Outcome:
    This level will build a strong foundation in blues guitar with a focus on understanding the rhythmic framework and becoming familiar with the blues form. Learn fundamental blues rhythm skills, including locating notes on the neck, shuffle rhythm phrasing, 12-bar form, standard chords and playing techniques.
  • Start by learning essential chords and the types of chords used in the blues genre. Learn how to navigate the neck, understand note relationships using the cycle of fourths, and how to find and name any note on the neck. From there you’ll learn basic blues chord changes and the framework of the blues sound, which leads right into developing the 12 bar blues progression. Learn the iconic shuffle rhythm, electric blues rhythm and the history of how this style developed. Learn the classic boogie shuffle pattern in both open position and moveable shapes that allow you to play in all 12 keys. From there you’ll learn to expand the blues sound by integrating turnarounds and endings, syncopation by accenting upbeats, and a riffs that mimic a horn section. From there you’ll learn the “quick change” variation of the 12 bar progression and tie it all together. By the end of this course you’ll have a solid foundation in blues rhythm playing.

+ Blues Guitar Level 2

+ Blues Guitar Level 3

+ Blues Guitar Level 4

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Course prerequisites are in the level descriptions at the bottom of the page.


What's In This Course

Lessons for 12 weeks on these subjects:

  • Blues Guitar Lessons Level 1
  • Ear Training Lessons Level 1
  • Technique Building Exercises
  • Daily Sight Reading Exercises

Reference Topics: Blues Guitar Fundamentals, Music Theory, Improvisation, Ear Training, Performance Anxiety, How to Read Music, Using Guitar Tab & the Nashville Numbers System