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You never want to be the most talented person in the band because you end up feeling like you're pulling everyone along with you. Better to be in the position of trying to keep up with others because then you will learn and grow. So, strategically, good move Bparham79. It's very cool that the two of you can take this journey together. .

Hi not2dv8, I didn't expect Sophie to pass me by so quickly! I've been playing the guitar for 12-years, which is 9-years longer than her! I guess Paul really is a great teacher, I'm a bad student, or you just can't beat early childhood training! (Sophie started violin lessons at 6 years-old. On the other hand, I never touched an instrument or studied music until I was 28!) But it's all good. I'm happy for the in-house competition because it just pushes me to work harder!

HI Alex MetaleX, Thanks for following up on this! I really enjoy Paul's singing. Of course, he's playing is out of this world, so who better to learn from! As for the Dojo, it's a lot of fun! The kids love it, and I love, and learning to play the guitar has so much intrinsic value. I just feel lucky everyday to get to share music with kids. And of course, I feel lucky to get to STUDY music with PAUL GILBERT! Crazy! Right?!

bparham79, that is pretty funny. When I got into buisness about 50 years ago, they used to say, "always be good to the new guy becuase he could be your boss one day" HA

@alexMetaleX @IanW @Zakkswyldest Good to hear I'm not the only one! And yeah, my wife also asks why I need to play the same thing a gazillion times haha!

Hi Paul, It wasn't a big problem for me. In the meantine I study hard and do exercises from other peopel's VEs

5 new VEs uploaded now. ROCK on Tuesday!

Hi JackyKozik, The correct response from me is now attached to your VE. Thanks for your patience!

10pizza Paul often refers to indestructibility, meaning, you practice until it is just plain 2nd nature, you can play it slow, fast, and it is just muscle memory movement, I try to get my lessons that good so I often will practice for weeks or months on a lesson and then i can play it almost perfect, but, as soon as I turn on the camera, I mess up and mess up royal. Haha. It happens to me also, I get nervous.

Brian, I thought you were new when I first seen some of your posts but since I seen how many VEs you've done, I know you have been here for some time. I am now on my 2nd year. Also, I think your Guitar dojo stuff is cool. You and Sophie both rock! Also, in reference to your question, i would search vocal melody or the name of specific song.

I signed my wife up for AW about two years ago. Now, she has a better bend and vibrato than me! I need to go back through her VEs and reverse engineer the learning process, so I can catch up! :)

@ Dimitriy I have the same problem with the foot stomp and talked about it on my recent video submission and Paul responded with a practice centered around In a Gadda Da Vida that is starting to help, and as an aded bonus he sings a bit of the song :) ,It is not just foot stomping for me, I can't even sing my own songs and play guitar at the same time so to show the vocalist how I want the lyrics to go I have to record the guitar part and then record the vocal to them when I am not playing. I think it is mostly a mental thing with me so I am hoping if I do this exercise enough the foot stomp will be something I do not have to think about and it becomes automatic.

5 new VEs uploaded now. ROCK on Monday!

Hi JackyKozik, I haven't forgotten about your VE. I just sent it to the techs at AW, and they should have it loaded soon. I'll keep you posted!

10Pizza... each of my VE's were 4-5 takes. I feel ya.

10pizza, I know the pain. The number of takes is only limited by the neighbours' patience :-) Joking aside, many. Almost every time.

and finally a new VE uploaded! Man. How many takes do you guys typically make for one VE? ;-(

Odd, no warning, up sell or anything - I just come to login and it doesn’t even tell you your sub has expired, you have to poke around and figure it out for yourself!

No problem, this is what it should be, a community of players to support each other and help each other become better.

Thank you guys! Your comments are so important for me! Thank you Paul.

Thank you @Sophieparham!

Back after a weekend with no guitar. VE recording time tonight!

Hi Dimitriy! Loved your video. Great groove and energy :) Happy Birthday Pcatapano!

Good day everyone! Guys here is some jamming over "Move over" If someone watch this please comment or give your recomendation on sound quality and video . Hope you like it . Paul i 'm trying to play with foot stomping but sometimes it's hard.

Sweet! Day after my birthday to wake in the middle of the night to a new Ve, it is seriously like a present to me. I will maximize my DLR vocals! After practice today. Some Dio, Judas Priest, Iron maiden, Queensryche and more to run through today, then some sweet slide tonight!

5 new VEs uploaded now. ROCK on Sunday!

Hi Pcatapano, Thanks for letting me know. I'll get on fixing it!

Problem solved..

Is the comment box too small?

I've noticed in these shout's that the end of the sentence gets cut out and I cannot read the full shout..anybody else have this problem?

Bparham - search on the topbar and then video exchanges in the results view. Last I tried it, it was limited to searching video title only.

I do like Chris Issac and thirds though

Hey Paul You double posted Kiernan's video response to Jackykoziks just fyi

4 new VEs uploaded now. ROCK on Saturday!

Hi Everyone, I have two questions: Is there a way to search for VEs featuring Paul singing & playing guitar? 2. Is there a version of PE singing and playing "Substitute" by the Who? I'm just discovering the ability to sing in tune, and it's like discovering a secret, superpower! It's so much fun, and I want to learn a bunch of easy to sing classic rock songs!

haha, that's superb! Love the B52s

I listened to a lot of Kiss when I was younger, bought Kiss Alive 2 when I was 11 and that got me into all their other albums, now I listen to a few songs once in a while like Deuce,Love the guitar riff on that song, the Ace Frehley solo album and some of his newer stuff with Freheleys Comet, they get a lot of hate but they have a huge body of work that should have something in it for about everyone, but some of the stuff has not aged well for me, Detroit Rock city is a great song but I cannot listen to it anymore,maybe overplay, now the mashup Detroit Rock Lobster I can crank up :)

@Squicker I saw this funny interview with Gene Simmons about I was made for loving you, he said that is the song he hates to play the most, he hates singing the Doo doo doo da doo da doo doo part,he wants to sing "guy stuff"

3 new VEs uploaded now. ROCK on Friday!

I think this really is farewell, Paul's voice is gone.

Yeah, I reckon Kiss were the 'gateway drug' for many people into rock music, very accessible and the gimmicks were grandiose and a lot of fun

I saw the same farewell tour about 20 years ago. They were also the first concert I ever went to in ‘78. It hooked me on rock and roll.

Rus, I see what you mean. Incredible light and stage show. Really took it up a few levels. Band were on fire in London though. Paul’s voice definitely strained but everything else was spot on

To me, KISS is like Mick Jagger's voice: it works, but most of the time there's something offness to it :)

When I was a teen all the kids we babysat were all agog about KISS. We laughed it off as a kid thing and I guess it's my bad that I wrote them off wholesale. Life is short though, not going to spend much time regretting it

RusIG, that is my overall impression of Kiss since they appeared in the 70s. Hasn't changed since, glad to hear they'e so consistent

I always loved Ace Frehley's solo album,still listen to it!

Alex... thanks for the shout. had a good practice session last night and feeling less "lost" at the moment.

i remember when The Who announced their "farewell" tour in 1981.... and yet, i can't recall all the times i've see them live since then. lol

Damn that is crazy Paul, these farewell tours seem to last for decades now. lol

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07/10/2019 04:58pm

New Interview: Paul Talks with Dominic Pedler

The final episodes (17 parts!) of this great interview were just added today to the +Music section!

Paul was recently in Birmingham, England where he met up with Dominic Pedler for a musical conversation we're proud to bring to you exclusively here at ArtistWorks. Dominic is the author of "The Songwriting Secrets of the Beatles," a fantastic book that Paul often recommends to students who are interested in music theory and songwriting. Paul had been hoping to meet Dominic for a while now, and came with a long list of questions to discuss and demonstrate. This massive 17 part interview series is available now in +Music / Special Guests. A big thank you to Ben Robinson who was kind enough to lend Paul his video gear to make this footage possible. To go straight to the first part now Click Here.

Be sure to check the blogs for new announcements, there's another huge interview headed your way very soon!


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05/07/2019 05:59pm

Announcing The ArtistWorks Podcast Series!


We are always on the hunt for new ways to provide our students and fans with valuable content that can be fun, informative, and engaging. We want to offer an outlet that brings real stories and relevant interviews from your favorite teacher! Send your topic ideas to [email protected] today!


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02/21/2019 06:04pm

Versatile, Multi-Genre Training

Multi-genre, Versatile TrainingWhen it comes to studying music, it is only logical to delve into the style in which you predominantly play or prefer to listen to. I like to call this the “genre comfort zone” a place where you can flourish in your musicianship or become incredibly stagnant and uninspired in a drop of a hat. The bright side of this so called, “GCZ,” is that if you stick with a genre that you are familiar with, one that excites you, then you better your chances of actually picking up your instrument to practice. However, if you pigeon hole yourself into playing one specific type of music, you could find yourself quickly becoming bored and uninspired over time.


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