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I'd sure love it if we have another technique battle!!!! Those are so fun!! :)

What's up QSU!?!?! How are you!?

ArtistWorks Jazz Bass instructor, John Patitucci is going live from ArtistWorks Youtube tomorrow at 1:00 pm PST to talk about his tour with Chick Corea and his interview with Bass Musician Magazine. Tune in here:

Biggup the new students!! What is your goal w/QSU?

hello @DJMaRr!! How are you?

hello from the philippines

WAZZUUU!!! QSU!! I feel like we need another technique battle up in here! I need some new practice motivation!

ArtistWorks instructors Eric Marienthal (Jazz Saxophone) and George Whitty (Jazz Piano) are going live from our Facebook page at 1:30 pm PST! They'll be answering the most googled Jazz questions! Tune in. ⏰

ok so when do we get to hear what the crop circles sound like, the future of skratch is gonna be dope.

@Zsonic IKEA is where I went, they are a good price too!

Where can I get some of those record shelves like Q has in the video? I need those so hard!

Anyone loking for scratch samples. Try this

Hi Guys.

Fiddle legend, Darol Anger, is going LIVE from ArtistWorks Facebook page in 2 hours! (4:00 pm PST)

yo Buddy Lee ,,thanks to that swing it lesson inspired by you ,,in the video exchange responce the beat in q's backround is the shitt ,but i cant find the owner ,so i chopped the vid to get the notes ,ya dig!!

its our turn now to run it like the boogie boyz

same here its like a ghost town with a few og's up innit

Sup y'all... Been a very long time since I been up in here.

Sup y’all wuts up with tha updates have we hitt our limits?!? It’s stagnant except for the usual fam ,,, I’m gonna try and present at least a combo or 3 a month and hopefully y’all will do also , for tha moderators— at least some new live footage or , is this almost move on to another , skratch media format that has not been created yet ? Peace y’all , and give yo mamma a kiss on the cheek 4 mother’s day

Sup QSU!!

ArtistWorks Electric Country Guitar instructor, Guthrie Trapp, will be going live on our YouTube page in 1 HOUR! Link here:

I entered the DMC online championship! check out my vid and vote 5 stars if you like it!

Bigg up to Skratch
Dj Rayted R for winning the dmc l.a.Skratching battle ! .....

Hi everyone! Complete this survey for ArtistWorks & have your voice heard:

@kittykutz Hello! I am well thank you! I wish you happiness.

Biggup up the new students!! Feel free to introduce yourselves and/or ask any questions!! Keep it funky! Peace!

Hello!! Hope everyone is well :)

Ukulele Instructors Craig & Sarah are going live in < 1 hour. Tune in here:

@J.Marz I needs to checks that!! I have the previous Czarface album, it's quite tasteee

Get that new Czarface and MFDoom - STR8 FIRE!!!

if you wanna have your mind blown watch this Shortkut drumming demo at 1.5x speed.

Thanks man.

Sup QSU?! how is everyone doing? I put together an hour and a half mix if anyone wants to listen. It's mostly hiphop, funk and beats

Sup y'all !

I went back underground, but the music never stops. always got a few projects in the pipeline, stay tuned

Word ADA hows things ????

a whole lotta skratcheezeezz

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