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Hello Leah, the etudes are purchased separately. You can find the Rose and Baermann etudes in book collections online at places like Amazon or Sheet Music Plus.

where are the materials for the etudes? I find sheet music under "study materials->additional materials" but no etudes. Do I have to find them elsewhere and purchase them separately?

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Hey! I haven't played the clarinet since high school, which was 50 years ago! I have decided to "re-learn" it.

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Hi, Nelson! I have created a customer service ticket for you to respond to so that we can seek a solution for you. For future reference when you have any customer service request, it's best to open a ticket using the Customer Service tab at the bottom of any page. Thanks!

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At what tempo should I play the JB Albert scales so I can feel ready to move on? Should I play all exercises on the page at the same tempo? The sevenths would be quite fast but the triplets would be slow. Right now, I'm working on 80 bpm. Chuck Califf

We've launched a new navigation menu today! To see the new look, you need to hold down a key while clicking on the refresh icon in your browser. You can do either SHIFT+refresh or CTRL+refresh. Hope you like the new look!

I just signed on

Hi jbw9, thank you for your message. We've just sent you an email and look forward to hearing from you.

Hi jbw9, welcome to ArtistWorks. We've exchanged a few messages already so I'm sorry to hear you're still unable to get started. I'll send you a private message shortly to help you move forward. Thanks!

Is this a serious website? Since more than three weeks I am trying to find my clarinet lessons without result. When can I start???

oh no!!! Please wait one more day, the videos are finished but something weird is going on during the download!!!!

Hello everybody! I'm back and ready for action!! I'm editing the video exchanges, expect them sometime tonight! Thank you!!!!

Any sheet music will be available in pdf form found by going to the Learn page and clicking on Study Materials and selecting Additional Materials.

Hello Antonio!

Hi, I'm a new student of this school, greetings maestro Ricardo Morales.

Is Ricardo still reviewing videos? Where do we get the music for the etudes?

Hi Ricardo. Is it correct that there are only 3 etudes innthe section (#11, #18 and #19)?

How long do I need to wait for my video to be reviewed?

My video I uploaded was corrupted. How do I re upload or can Ricardo still review it?

Hi Ricardo I posted a question and video for you to review. Looking forward to your comments. Thanks!

Hello Everyone. Can anyone help me know where to start? I'm looking at some of the lessons so far. Then what?

Hello everyone! Where are the study materials for beginner? :-(

Thank you for your help Ricardo.

@gail1953 same bad experience here

Hi Ricardo, it's been over one month. And you still haven't reviewed my clarinet video. I am very disappointed

Ricardo, can you look at my post?

Hello Agassi Prep

hey ricardo!

All right!! Here we go! Sorry this summer was way too crazy with the travels! Let's get to work!!


We've removed the extra uploads, blummy.

I put up a video of Jay playing Cahuzac, but seemed like it didn't upload, so it's on my video exchange list 3 times.. Same recording

gail! Hi!! I am sorry i had too much traveling without the computer! I did some exchanges last night and will do some more tonight!

I like that video with Yannick!

Ricardo has been busy but we hope he can respond to any emails you may have sent him soon.

hallo everyone out there. Hope you are having more luck than I have had with the clarinet school. Since I have joined last month, I have not had any contact with my teacher Ricardo, although I have tried and tried.

Hey, everybody! Totally excited to join the school! I'm a total newbie on clarinet, so be gentle with me :-)

Ricardo, muchas gracias por todas las classes. Esto ayuda muchiiisimo a personas que no pueden viajar.....

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