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Instruments > Add On Courses > Science of Sound: Compression + Equalization

Compression + Equalization
Science of Sound

In this course, master producers Vincent di Pasquale and Jono Buchanan take a deep dive into the worlds of compression and equalization, breaking down the effects, their types, and their applications. Through this course, players will gain a deep understanding of these complex effects, and learn the proper and most impactful ways to utilize them within their recordings and mixes.

Understanding compressionApplication exercises

Graphic + parametric EQsCore production concepts

Science of Sound: Compression + Equalization

About Vincent Di Pasquale

Vincent di Pasquale is a multi-platinum music producer, engineer, and co-founder of FaderPro. Over the past two decades, Vincent has quietly garnered attention as a sought-after remixer and studio engineer for some of today’s most celebrated artists. He has worked with a litany of incredible musicians, including Madonna, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, and many more. He has released projects on both major and independent labels including Atlantic Records, Sony Music, Universal, Island Def Jam, Toolroom, and Subliminal.

Under the name Rebirth, his remix of Madonna’s smash hit “4 Minutes” (feat. Justin Timberlake) reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Club Play chart. The single went on to earn double-platinum status. Vincent has a deep history in electronic music, crafting many remixes and engineering some of dance music's biggest hits, including Lee Cabrera's "Shake It (Move a Little Closer).”

Vincent is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring producers and musicians, which led to his co-founding of FaderPro. He has also done educational events for Apple and has been a lecturer for both the SAE Institute and the University of Colorado.

About Jono Buchanan

Jono Buchanan is an Apple-certified instructor, a working composer, a sound designer, a mix engineer, and a master of all things production. His professional credits include remixes for Whitney Houston, Pet Shop Boys, LeAnn Rimes and many more.

Jono has years of experience in music production and education. He's created multiple compositions for TV, commercials and radio, for which a wide variety of styles and genres have been demanded of him.

Jono’s clear and succinct teaching style has established him as a favorite among music producers of any level looking to brush up on their skills. His experience makes him the perfect instructor for this course, where he’ll bring you up to speed on everything you need to create quality recordings at home.

Science of Sound: Compression + Equalization

Equalization Part 1: The Fundamentals

Chapter 1: The Science of Sound (Intro)
Chapter 2: The Science of Sound
Chapter 3: Types of EQ
Chapter 4: Graphic EQ
Chapter 5: Semi-Parametric EQ
Chapter 6: Shelving EQ
Chapter 7: Filter EQ
Chapter 8: Dynamic EQ
Chapter 9: Program EQ
Chapter 10: Mid/Side EQ
Chapter 11: Match EQ
Chapter 12: Linear Phase EQ

Equalization Part 2: EQ in Practice

Chapter 13: EQ in Practice (Intro)
Chapter 14: Fix or Fit?
Chapter 15: Approaching the Project
Chapter 16: EQ in Practice – Kicks
Chapter 17: EQ in Practice – Off-Hat
Chapter 18: EQ in Practice – Clap
Chapter 19: EQ in Practice – Second Kick & More Hats
Chapter 20: EQ in Practice – Percussion
Chapter 21: EQ in Practice – Shaker & Ride
Chapter 22: EQ in Practice – The Crash
Chapter 23: EQ in Practice – More Percussion
Chapter 24: EQ in Practice – Bass & Lead Synth
Chapter 25: EQ in Practice – FX
Chapter 26: EQ in Practice – Vocals
Chapter 27: EQ in Practice – Mixing Groups
Chapter 28: Outro


Chapter 1: Introduction to Compression
Chapter 2: Compressor Parameter Tour
Chapter 3: Compression and Volume are not the same
Chapter 4: Multiband Compression
Chapter 5: De-essing
Chapter 6 : Sidechain Compression
Chapter 7: Comparing Compressors Part One
Chapter 8: Comparing Compressors Part Two
Chapter 9: Ducking Reverb
Chapter 10: Bus Compression
Chapter 11: Parallel Compression
Chapter 12: New York Compression
Chapter 13: High Pass Filter Sidechain

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