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Important Reminders from Banjo Instructor Tony Trischka

Banjo players!

Legendary instructor, Tony Trischka, has some crucial reminders for all his current (and future) banjo students. He's recorded a lesson to keep it all straight here.

Don't have time to watch the lesson? We've summed it up for you here:

1. After you have a tune memorized, off the tab, go back and ensure you've remembered it correctly. Sometimes you can learn something incorrectly and miss a few notes! You can always go back to the tabs and lesson to make sure you have it all down pat. 

2. Make sure both of your hands are in the frame when you're filming Video Exchanges for Tony's review! Tony needs to be able to see his students hands so he can give helpful feedback. 

As always, Tony's students can reach out to him, or their extensive musical community, for help and advice on their journey! 

See you online!

Not a member of Tony Trischka's Banjo school yet? Get free lessons & sign up here

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Tony Trischka, ArtistWorks Banjo Instructor, Inducted into the American Banjo Museum Hall of Fame