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The Future of Classical Music

classical music education

classical music education

ArtistWorks recently hosted its first ever live event, a discussion on the future of classical music education. The vodcast was hosted on our Google Plus page and  moderated by Classical Music Magazine.
Using the hashtag #artistworksclassical, viewers of the vodcast sent in questions for the panel of teachers, who included: Jeffrey Khaner (flute lessons), William Caballero (French horn lessons), Ricardo Morales (clarinet lessons), David Bilger (trumpet lessons), and Nathan Cole (violin lessons). Also joining the panel was one of Mr. Bilger's trumpet students, as well as ArtistWorks CEO David Butler and Marketing Director Ian Alexander.
Topics discussed included access to classical music education, the audition process, as well as questions about the role technology plays in our classical music lessons. The entire discussion was recorded and is now available from our YouTube channel. Click on the picture to watch!