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Play Something Special

When we started ArtistWorks, we knew that learning and playing music was so much more than sounding notes and perfecting form.

It’s the feeling that is given and received through the joy of striking a resonant chord and evoking an emotion - both within ourselves and within the listener.

<--break->Like your first power chord that made you believe you could fill a stadium, or the first time you played that passage that both you and J.S. Bach shared across the generations in between. We all have our own definitions of that human connection to making and appreciating music.

It’s thrilling, inspiring, humbling and, for those of us that are called to it, elemental to who we are.

 It’s no accident that we built a online music lesson platform that enables connections.  A connection with an inspirational teacher, a connection with a like-minded community of people who you can learn from, and a connection with the music inside you.

online music lessons that connectWe spend a lot of effort trying to help people understand how Video Exchange™ Learning works.  How you can learn from a world-renowned music teachers and performers and you can submit videos of your practice sessions.  How they respond with video feedback and how everyone can see these interactions and learn from them.  But that only scratches the surface of what ArtistWorks members actually experience.

It’s really all about connections and how those vital connections can help you become the player you always wanted to be when you started your fascination with making music.

It’s a conversation.  A collaboration.  An invitation …

To play something special.