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Wanted: Tag Teamsters

artistworks tagging badge

Calling all members, calling all members! There's a new posse in town.


They call themselves the Tag Team... and they're back again to implement some indexing! Word on the street is they're looking for you to join their team. They need more tags on these videos! 


Did we mention you get a badge if you add 10 tags?

Whoomp! (There It Is)  -------> 


Read on to learn how add a tag on a video: 

Anyone can add a tag on any video you see in the Learn area. On each video you'll see the icon for Tagging - it looks like a luggage tag. Click on it and you'll see an area to enter your tags.  

artistworks tagging


Add whatever terms you think are relevant and it will be stored on that page. If you make a mistake, you can edit your tags by clicking on the pencil icon. 


artistworks lesson tags


You'll be able to see tags other students make on videos as well. The more tags you make the merrier, we want to make our videos as organized as possible!


But we can't do it without your help. The time to tag has come! Together you'll help us enter a new era of ArtistWorks. Let It Begin...


Remember, it takes 10 tags to earn the Tag Teamster badge. 


Click on the tag icon and get started today!


Coming Soon: Tags become searchable... stay tuned.